Losing weight after age 50

By age 50, 85% of women gain extra kilograms. Why does that happen and what are the methods to get back in a shape? To choose the strategy it is important to understand the processes that a woman experiences when she turns 50.

At this age women undergo hormonal changes, that affect the accumulation of fats in the body. Generally, it is a normal process, but if you want to stay in good shape, certain actions should be taken. First of all, consider changes in your diet. The food should contain fewer calories. Choose the products that are delicious to you (the diet should not be a torture). Eat more vegetables, low-fat or fat-free dairy products, fish, and try to avoid fat meat. It is recommended to eat often and small portions, rather than to have heavy meals.

Age changes

When we reach the age of 50, our lifestyle changes a lot. This is one of the factors, that affects our weight. We spend less time on sports and exercises, and give preference to passive activities and passive rest. As a result, much less energy is spent and fewer calories burned. Another danger is posed by our natural instinct: in the ancient times, when activity was associated with food search, a stop meant «the food is found, time to eat». Quiet resting state works as a signal to our body, that there’s an opportunity to eat. Some of the activities, that can distract the body from the appetite, are walking, swimming, cycling, and gymnastics. They will not only be on your side in losing weight, but also improve the work of cardiovascular system and joints. Give preference to watch the sunset over TV in the evening. Pilates and yoga are also good friends in fighting the passive lifestyle, but they require professional control.

One more reason is psychological. Women over age 50 definitely have different interests and priorities than some 20 years ago. By this age, passions and feelings start «to fade». We already have home, the children have grown up, the life seems to have been accomplished. This is when we get fewer new acquaintances, sometimes deliberately. Unfortunately, it does ourselves a disservice. A low level of social activity may lead to mood disturbances and lower self-esteem. That’s when we turn into emotional eaters, which quite often leads to overeating. Avoid such situations by signing up for some course, find a hobby and do something interesting for your own self. The life has just started!