Smoking health problems

Smoking health problems

Smoking is a scourge of modern society. Despite of active propaganda of a healthy lifestyle, the number of smokers increases day by day. There is a lot of ways that can help to get rid of this addiction. In fact, most of these methods are fiction, based on ignorance of the real picture of what is happening. Let’s discuss the basic myths about smoking and try and to explain them from a scientific point of view, without any speculations.

Myths about smoking:

1. Smokers smoke because they want to.

  • In fact, very few people remember when the first time they tried cigarette. That first experimental cigarette many years ago- at that time no one was going to become a smoker for life. We are trapped, and we continue to smoke only because we are too afraid to try to quit, or we try by the wrong methods and do not know how to do it.

2. Smokers can not quit smoking because they have a weak willpower

  • In fact, this is not true. Not a lack of willpower prevents smokers from quitting. This is more a conflict inside a person, because no one, except the smoker himself, forces him to smoke. All smokers want to quit and want to continue smoking same time.

3. Smoking is just a habit

  • Smoking is not a habit, but a drug addiction! This is the main thing that prevents smokers from quitting. They refer to smoking as a habit, thereby reducing in their minds the degree of risk and trying to quit using incorrect information.

4. There are only few special cigarettes that I enjoy during the day

  • The only thing a smoker enjoys while lighting a cigarette is the pleasure of nicotine. In the case of non-smokers, there is no dependence on cigarettes at all.

5. Each cigarette takes 5 minutes of life, and it will take 7 years for the body to clear it.

  • If you do not suffer from one of the terrible diseases that causes smoking, as soon as you stop poisoning your body, health recovers pretty quickly.

6. When I quit smoking, I become nervous

  • It is necessary to understand that all the bad things that are associated with cigarettes are happening to you not because you quit smoking, but because you have started.

7. If I quit smoking, I’ll get fat

  • Smoking and weight do not have a direct connection, it’s when a smoker quits smoking with the help of willpower, it seems to him that he is making some big sacrifice, and he needs to replace cigarettes with something. If you eat sweets as many times as you smoked (20 or 40 times a day) you will definitely get fat. Therefore, it is important to understand that it is absolutely normal not to smoke, because you did not need cigarettes before you started smoking, so you do not have to replace them with anything.

8. Quitting smoking is very difficult

  • Smoking, like any drug addiction, consists of a physiological and psychological dependence. The only thing that smokers suffer from when they quit smoking is mental depression and a sense of sacrifice caused by the fact that they feel deprived of pleasure and support. Once you understand that you do not sacrifice anything, but rather get rid of one of the most terrible diseases that you have ever suffered, quitting smoking becomes very easy.

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