Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation

October 1, 2016

Hyperpigmentation is an increased accumulation of melanin in the skin and this process is accompanied by a darkening of the entire body surface or its individual areas. This pathological condition of the skin is difficult to treat. The causes of skin pigmentation can be different and for their detection- a specialist consultation is necessary.

Treatment of skin pigmentation should include: the elimination of major pathologies and the conduct of various cosmetic procedures. Modern developments in the field of cosmetology will eliminate hyperpigmentation of the skin in just a few sessions, and also at home you can make whitening masks and compresses based on natural ingredients.


Hyperpigmentation of the skin – this is an excessive coloring of some parts of the epidermis compared with the color of the skin.

This pathological condition develops because of a congestion of a colorant such as melanin in certain areas of the skin.

The color of the skin is determined by the following factors:

  • Thickness of the dermis.
  • The flow of blood into the vessels.

Anatomical structure of melanocytes in the skin. It also determines the national shade of the skin.

If a girl has hyperpigmentation. One of the important factors that affects the color of the epidermis is the concentration of pigments in it. Depending on the amount of melanin, the skin can have both: a solid color and a dark brown color. The main place of production of melanin are special cells – melanocytes.

Hyperpigmentation of the skin can appear in women and men, and this pathology is accompanied by the appearance of dark spots on the skin. Most often, pigmented spots appear in the middle and old age, but they can also affect the epidermis of young people. Inflammatory hyperpigmentation can occur during the healing of wounds and burns after various injuries.

The pigmentation on face has no threat to human health, but it can signal the development of a disease in the body. In addition, a large number of pigment spots on the face, arms and body deliver a lot of anxiety to women, as they spoil their appearance. Such skin defects require serious attention, and today the treatment of skin pigmentation is carried out with the help of the latest technology and folk remedies.

Pathology: Cause and effect

Dermatologist and patient Pigmented spots – this is a defect in the skin and their appearance gives women a strong discomfort.

Hyperpigmentation of the skin can appear on the face, body and hands under the influence of the following factors:

  • Progression of pathologies associated with disruption of the endocrine system in the female body.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun or in the solarium.
  • Scars after inflammation and acne.
  • Age changes.
  • Mechanical damage.
  • Change in the level of hormones during pregnancy or with menopause.
  • Diagnosis of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals into the body, or, on the contrary, their overabundance.
  • Violation of the metabolic process in the body.

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