Frequently Asked questions about the treatment kamagra.
Frequently Asked questions about the treatment kamagra.

Kamagra defines a medical drug, that is designed for treating erectile problems. Unfortunately, this problem is becoming more and more common in the modern world. The medication can be called a more developed version of the widely-known Viagra. The point is that this product is actually Viagra’s generic, i.e. it replicates its composition and qualities. The main advantage of the generic, is a more reasonable price for the same healing effect. The pills increase male abilities to have a strong healthy erection, needed for a normal sexual intercourse.

History and Background

Before starting any treatment, it is essential to make the right choice of the medicine. Nowadays, there is a big assortment of various pills and tablets that treat potency problems. Quite often, it is hard to pick the one that would work the best for you. In considering the pharmaceutical product, it can’t hurt to learn the background of a certain medication. Kamagra is a reputable product developed by Ajanta Pharma Ind. This company originates from India, but now they are operating worldwide.

Since their foundation in 1973, the company has developed over 1400 various products, with an equal number of preparations waiting for approval. Having 7 manufacturing facilities (6 in India and 1 in Mauritius), they export health care products to over 30 countries all over the globe.

For a long time, Viagra has remained the first and the only remedy to treat erectile dysfunction. Recently, the situation has changed a lot. A lot of new products appeared at the pharmaceutical market. Kamagra is one of them. Basically, all the companies that produce generic products (including Ajanta Pharma Ind.), are using an original formula of the original product. Viagra’s formula became available to other pharmaceutical laboratories, after its potent had expired. However, Ajanta Pharma Ind have done a great job in improving the drug. Now, taking the pill, you not only get a stronger sexual libido, but also a few other benefits, like better price. The drug is composed in such a way they you are very unlikely to experience any side effects.

How Does It Work?

Kamagra is a drug that can bring great results without any harm to the health (providing it is used correctly). One of the leading factors for a healthy erection is proper blood supply in the penis. The action of the drug is based on the activation of blood circulation in the lower pelvis area. Each tablet has a certain amount of Sildenafil (depending on the product form the concentration may differ). This ingredient plays the main role for the treatment. Under the action of Sildenafil, the erections occur quite fast and last for a long period of time.

One the main qualities, that the drug presents, is a significant slowdown in phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) production. This substance contributes to the blood outflow from the penis. The slower this process runs, the longer the erection lasts. Kamarga provides for great abilities to control ejaculation. One can forget about premature ejaculation, if the pills are taken in time, prior to sex. It has been noticed that the pills improve sensitivity of erogenic zones, which leads to stronger and brighter sensations during sex. As a rule, one sexual contact lasts 3-4 times longer with the pills, rather than without them.

Beside Sildenafil, the drug contains a number of natural ingredients that have a positive effect on the male health. First of all, they soften the action of Sildenafil. For this reason, the treatment runs quite smoothly. The patients hardly feel any side effects, and the list of contraindications is minimal. Secondly, the drug enhances an overall health state of a male body. The medication improves immunity, muscle tone, stamina, and makes the man more physically active.

How Long Does It Last?

The drug works effectively and harmless, but it should be taken according to the instruction. To guarantee the proper long-lasting effect, take the medicine timely. The time for an intake depends on the product form that you choose. For example, in using pills the intake is recommended 40-60 minutes before the planned sexual contact. Another form is jelly. It works faster, because the absorption starts already in the mouth. For this reason, the jelly can be taken just 15 minutes before sex. The maximum effect appears in 2 hours. It is expected to last for at least 4 hours. However, there were cases registered, when the effect remained for up to 8 hours.


  • Kamagra has been designed to treat erectile dysfunction and low sexual abilities in males. It is indicated for those men, who are suffering from a short-term erection, or complete absence of the natural erection. It is also indicated to use the drug if the patient experiences premature ejaculation.
  • Quite often, the drug is prescribed to improve the erection on early stages of impotency. Another condition, that may require the usage of this medicine is slow spermatozoa or developed infertility in men.
  • Beside the stated above, the medication helps to restore the hormonal background after a hormonal imbalance.
  • The medicine can bring a lot of additional benefits in the treatment for prostatitis. The ingredients have impressive antibacterial and tonic effects. The product enhances sexual energy and stamina. In some cases, it is used for maintaining a general state of the sexual life.


  • The most optimal dose is 50 mg of Sildenafil a day. As a rule, this dosage is suitable for most patients with ED. The dosage can be changed, but this should be done according to a medical specialist’s conclusion. The dose may also differ depending on individual tolerability to the drug components.
  • In any case, the manufacturer advises to start the treatment with a 25 mg dose. It may turn out, that even this dose is enough for you. If you decide that you need a stronger effect, you can slowly increase the dosage step by step. The maximum dose for one intake should not be more than 100 mg.
  • Certain groups of people may require a lower dose. For example, elderly patients or patients with chronic diseases are recommended to use not more than 25 mg of Sildenafil a day.
  • The drug should be taken once a day. Regardless of the dose, the intake may be repeated in 24 hours only.
  • A better effect has been seen when the drug was taken on an empty stomach. Sexual arousal is required to cause an erection. This eliminates the risk of an unwanted erection.


  • It is strictly forbidden to use Kamagra, if the man can’t tolerate Sildenafil or other ingredients of the medicine. It is not meant to be used by women. Although, the drug can be taken by men of any age, it is not indicated for young men under 18 years.
  • The medicine is contraindicated for men with heart, liver, kidney and blood vessel problems. Unstable angina pectoris, leukemia, cirrhosis, ulcer, chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, impaired kidney function are the conditions, that are not compatible with Sildenafil administration.

Side Effects

The drug is very unlikely to cause any side effects. Nonetheless, as any other medication it may have a certain impact in some individual cases. All-in-all, the side effects are not very pronounced. They include probable headache or dizziness, slight ailment or weakness, pain in the limbs, redness in the face and neck. The symptoms disappear by themselves without any consequences for health. They may be more pronounced in case of overdosage. If the symptoms do not relieve by themselves in quite a long time, the patient should consult with a doctor. The side effects can also be triggered if taken simultaneously with alcoholic drinks.


As stated above, the overdosage is manifested by the appearance of side effects. It is not recommended to exceed the maximum daily dose of 100 mg. Otherwise, the manifestations may have a more severe character. As a rule, this condition is accompanied by a strong fatigue and general weakness.


Kamagra is a powerful remedy by itself. It does not require any additional medications. Combination of several medicines for ED can overload the body and lead to unwanted consequences.

Do not forget that sexual activity has a great impact on the heart. For this reason, avoid using Sildenafil if you are having any heart problems and taking any medications to treat them. Before making the decision concerning the treatment, consult with a doctor about the benefits and potential risks for your health. The decisive factor in this question may be a simple reduction of the dose.

The drug is compatible with fats. The usage of the drug with fatty foods is not contraindicated. It should be noted though, that the treatment effect may show up with a delay, due to slower drug absorption caused by the fats.

Compatibility with Alcohol

It is not recommended to drink alcohol if you are using this medicine. The alcohol by itself deteriorates sexual abilities even in healthy people. High alcohol in blood slows down the blood circulation. Thus, poor blood supply in the penile area weakens the erection. This is why the usage of alcohol may lead to a lower effect of the medication.


Fred userpic

I got myself this drug, because I have never seen sildenafil in fizz tablets. The effect is pretty much the same as taking regular pills, although I personally think that fizz stuff works faster. I like to put them into tea or juice. Super easy and fast. Highly recommend.


Alex userpic

My doctor prescribed me this drug because I started to have problems in bed. I am just 40 y.o. Too early to have potency problems, but I must confess I have them. So happy that today it’s not a big problem. These pills simply rescued me from a serious break down. Moreover, with pills sex became even greater than it used to be earlier. I am taking a 50 mg dose, satisfactory for my ED.

Mark userpic

I have never suffered from the lack of women’s attention. Neither have I had impotency. Never thought I would have one. Only by my 57th birthday I realized that I am not that strong anymore. Healthy lifestyle, jogging, healthy food — nothing could help. Finally, the idea of taking Viagra came to my mind. After a careful research I found a lot of cheaper alternatives. My choice was Kamagra and it did not disappoint. I still keep taking the drug. Sometimes a feel a little dizzy, but the effect is definitely worth it. Do not hesitate to use this medicine, if you want to get rid of your weakens.

John userpic

This medicine is the most effective ED solution. I am sure that its side effects are dosage related. I was using 25 mg a day and never had a problem.



Alice userpic

After my first pill I was able to make love for 6 hours. So impressed with the action. My partner was amazed too.