Medical gymnastics

Medical gymnastics

Movement is life. Unfortunately, this simple truth becomes clear only when we get problems with this very movement. There are plenty of various diseases that threaten our motor apparatus. Quite often, we realize the value of movement only when some of them happen to us. Although it is hard to get back in shape, there are many methods of how to do it. Medical gymnastics is a therapy that normally accompanies musculoskeletal disorders treatment.

As a rule, it involves systematic exercise aimed to improve the condition of particular group of muscles, organs, or general tone of the body. Not only does the medical gymnastics give a boost to healing process, but it also relieves symptoms and discomfort caused by deformities, posture defects, inflammations and other disorders. Medical exercise can be used not only for treatment, but as a preventive measure to avoid motion problems.

Thus, the functions of medical gymnastics include the following:

  • treatment;
  • preventive action;
  • post-treatment rehabilitation.

When doing certain exercise, it is important to be familiar with its proper technique, as well as safety rules. This will guarantee a positive result of the procedures. Otherwise, incorrect exercising may only aggravate the problem. As any other treatment, medical gymnastics has to be prescribed by a doctor, taking into account your individual case, physical state and peculiarities of the body. The exercise should be performed under medical expert’s supervision. There are a few simple recommendations to follow, to achieve the greatest results:

The exercise should be done regularly, otherwise you will not get any result.

  • The intensity should be increased steadily.
  • Make sure that you know the technique of correct breathing during the exercise.
  • If you feel any pain or discomfort immediately stop the exercise. If this happens, the physical activity should be reduced.
  • All the movements have to be slow and smooth.

The exercises may vary greatly, but all of them have one thing in common: they are aimed to improve blood circulation in the muscles and tissues of affected organs, and speed up metabolism. Medical gymnastics has a very big significance for the cases that are related to degenerative changes in the spine. Severe forms of osteochondrosis always require medical exercise. Neglecting this fact may eventually end up in restricted motion and movement disability. Nowadays, it is easier to use different ointments, pills, injections to relieve symptoms and reduce pain. However, only complex usage of medical gymnastics can eliminate the reason of the disease.

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