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Health foot in summer: Proper care

February 24, 2016

How to take care of your feet and legs in summer?

Summer sun is not so dangerous as the spring sun, while the skin is not yet ready for sunburn, it has no protective horny layer and pigment. It is necessary to be very attentive in spring and strictly limit the time that you spend on direct sun, from 11 to 16 hours – these hours are the most intense. In summer it is advisable to make a peeling, at least 3-4 days before going to the beach. Do not make peeling the same day when you are going to get suntan. You may have undesirable effects such as pigmentation on the skin.

What method of depilation to choose in the summer?

For sure, hair is one of the main ornaments of a woman. But not the hair on your legs! And in the summer, thanks to open clothes, legs are constantly in the center of attention, the choice of means for depilation is very big. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the hot season. After depilatory creams for a while it is not recommended to appear on the sun. Also wax, a home epilator or salon procedures like electro-epilation can cause irritation. And because of it, short skirts and shorts will have to be forgotten for a few days. Perhaps the simplest, most convenient and economical way to remove unwanted hair on large areas of the skin is to do shaving, especially as women’s razors are continuously being improved.

How to fix the skin of the foot for an open shoe

Very effective foot care products with urea, which reduce the stratum corneum and moisturizes the skin. The result appears literally in a week of application. You can not actively scrape off or even cut off the stratum corneum. From this, it only grows stronger and thickens. If you regularly get corns, probably- it’s a matter of wrong posture and gait. With such a problem, you should go to the orthopedist.

Prevention of cellulite

Cellulite is the result of a sedentary lifestyle. In a sitting position, we squeeze the lymph drainage, stagnation of fluid and blood circulation begins, metabolic processes are disrupted, the decay products are not removed from fat cells, as a result – they die, creating an “orange peel”. Thus, the best prevention of cellulite is physical activity in combination with proper nutrition. Manual or LPG-massage, brushing, applying anti-cellulite funds – not superfluous, but only auxiliary measures.

How to get rid of vascular nets?

Varicose is a disease that requires treatment. If you see the appearance of “nets” on your legs, you should consult with a doctor-phlebologist. He will conduct research, do dopplerography, check the permeability of the veins with a laser, and select the therapy. Some veins are sclerosed, sometimes they are removed. Varicosity is often inherited.

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