Hair loss treatment.

The problem of losing hair is extremely complicated because of the variety of possible reasons.
As a result of long-term exposure to various factors, both external and internal, the scalp starts to suffer. Microcirculation and water-fat balance get interrupted, which leads to deterioration of the hair condition, and ultimately to hair loss.

Today there are a lot of treatment strategies to fight the problem of hair loss. Modern treatment methods vary from modifications in everyday haircare to hair transplantation. There are plenty of different remedies and medicines that improve hair growth, professional treatments and masks, scalp massages and other.

However, before starting any treatment one should take a medical examination to rule out internal problems that might lead to hair loss. For example, thyroid gland diseases or diabetes may serve as hair loss-related factors. The most serious cause of hair loss is hormonal changes in the body. In women it may occur during climax, pregnancy or in teenage years. A number of external factors such as bleaching, dying, excessive sunlight exposure, low-quality hair products, and smoking can also contribute to the problem.

Diet and nutrition

Diet and nutrition also play a big role for the hair health. Sometimes the hair can fall due to the lack of certain micro elements and vitamins in the body. Quite often the body doesn’t get enough vitamins A, B5, C and H, that are important for the healthy hair growth. If that happens one should correct the nutrition plan. Seafood and fish would be a healthy solution, as well as meat, soy products and vegetable oil. A more serious treatment method may include taking medications that strengthen the hair and stimulate hair bulbs.

Massaging the scalp is a healthy and, at the same time, pleasant way to fight hair loss. It improves the blood circulation, which provides the hair with micro elements. The effect will be way greater, if the procedure is combined with applying a hair mask or hair oil.

Professional saloon services can make a big deal to your hair. For example, scalp injections, or mesotherapy, supply the skin and hair with a lot of treating and useful substances. Moreover, the injections irritate the skin, which provokes better blood circulation and normalization of the metabolism in the body.