The Kamarag – Journal of Medicine which is oriented mainly at providing a comprehensive overview of medical and health care issues by publishing articles and sections, devoted to various areas of medicine, but united by the objective of detecting the solutions for common tasks. The journal is an organised database, containing information on diseases and methods of their treatment, drugs, pharmaceutical field and healthcare staff, and this information is differentiated into topical columns.

Remit of the kamarag-journal: various issues of theoretical and applied medicine, psychology, environment, awareness, education, public health, healthcare organisation and its history.

Medical information for the public (free access):

  • diseases
  • remedies
  • visual information

Our Journal of Medicine includes both digital copies of printed publications and independent original digital publications, which are unique and have not been registered in other sources.

Among those are:

  • Text copies of the printed books, journals, etc., when it is assumed that information they contain presented in the form, which allows symbol manipulation (separate fragments within such publication analogues may be represented as integral icons)
  • Graphic copies of the print publications, images of the printed or handwritten texts, elements of which (e.g. pages, drawings, pictures, etc.) are presented as integral icons.
  • Standard types of digital publications
  • Multimedia publications containing information similar to the above stated, already registered in other sources.
  • Independent multimedia publications, which do not have analogues presented in other forms.
  • Other electronic documents presented as publications and complying with the requirements to items to be stored in a library.


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The progress of the contemporary medicine depends largely on the development of interdisciplinary approach to diagnostics, cure programs and diseases prevention.