Energy drinks

Energy drinks are a recent invention, that is spread all over the world. They have a lot of benefits that make them so popular. If you are falling behind your schedule and your work deadline is about to end, an energy drink can be a great solution for you: they will help you to get rid of weariness and raise the body tone to continue working. Most producers claim that their energy drinks have only positive effects. However, many people suggest that consuming such drinks do harm to your health too.


  • Caffeine
    There is a big variety of flavors, but the ingredients of the energy drinks are almost always the same. A must in each energy drink is caffeine, that operates as a stimulant for brain activity. Caffeine also improves cardiovascular endurance, which makes it so popular among athletes and fitness coaches.
  • Taurine
    The second main ingredient in energy drinks is taurine. It is believed to promote the work of the heart muscle, and, as a result, better blood circulation.
  • B vitamins
    Most energy drinks contain a daily dose of these vitamins. When they get into the body, your performance improves, due to stimulation of nervous system (in particular, brain).

The greatest advantage of the energy drinks is that they can give you energy anytime you need it. They can replenish vitamin reserves in you body. They act fast, because the gas, that they contain, accelerates the effect. As a rule, the effect lasts for 2-3 hours.

However, there is the bad, that the energy drinks can do to you. For example, drinking more than 2 bottles a day may end up in high artery pressure and high blood sugar. For this reason, those people, who suffer from pressure and heart problems are not recommended to use these drinks. When the action of the drink ends, the person feels much more tired than usual (reversed effect).

Caffeine is a diuretic, that’s why you have to be careful with it when you’re working out. Drinking the diuretic after sports (when our body already loses water) may result in dehydration.

This is by far not the end of the list. There are moments when we do need some extra power, and the energy drink can help us to cope with particular problems. However, the consumption of such drinks should be reasonable and, definitely, not excessive.