Detox programs are broadly used to get in shape, prepare the body for vitamins and nutrients. As a rule, such programs last for a few days, with a strict menu planned for each day. There is a wide range of different detox programs, but all of them have a few things in common. To make sure that you get the greatest result from the program, you have to drink alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks, salty, sweet and spicy foods. All this is needed to carry out ” total cleaning ” of your body, detoxify it, and improve metabolism. If you want to drop some weight, body detoxification will significantly improve your result. Below you will find a few easy detox plans for 3-5 days.

Green detox

Most people associate detox with green light. No wonder why! A lot of green products (with a few exceptions, like avocado) contain minimum calories. At the same time, they are extremely rich in useful elements and minerals. This type of detoxification is the most advised by modern health experts. Your menu may look in the following way:
Breakfast: 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese and 2 green apples;
Lunch: light vegetable soup, green salad (for example, cabbage and cucumbers), any green fruit;
Dinner: steamed meat or fish, green leaves salad.

It is not recommended to eat after 6 pm.

Citrus detox

Any citruses are rich in vitamins. Also, many of them can not only replace usual desserts, but also help us to lose some weight. If you want to get in shape really fast, this program is for you:
Breakfast: a quarter of grapefruit, a half of an apple, green tea;
Late breakfast / brunch: vegetable and fruit salad (white cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, apples, olive oil);
Lunch: 100 g of steamed brown rice, chicken breast;
Afternoon snack: a quarter of a grapefruit, a half of a banana, kiwi;
Dinner: 300 g cottage cheese.

Apple detox

Apples are the easiest and the most pleasant way to clear you body. The typical apple detox menu consists of two compounds only: not sweet apples and still water. According to this plan, you should eat 2 kg of apples per day. You can divide the apples into 6 pieces and eat them during the day. At least 1 glass of water or green tea should be drunk after eating.

Juice detox

As you may guess, this detox involves drinking juices only. It is important that all the juices you take are freshly-made. Grapefruit, orange, cucumber or celery juices will do the best. On the next day after you are done with the program, do not overload your body with heavy meals, and do not eat after 6 pm.