Depression is a serious psychological disorder. When a person suffers from depression, it causes discomfort to his family and friends. Lack of interest to everything, inactivity, irritability are typical for depression. More severe depression may lead to physical dysfunction of organs. There are several stages of depression, that require different treatment methods. Usually, depression develops because of strong stress or a long-term stressful situation.


Depression is seen in people of all ages and social groups. In many cases, the key of depression-related factor is a great pressure from the society in question of people’s life values. People are striving for social well-being and professional success. Modern fashion sets beauty standards, that are sometimes hard to reach. If people don’t achieve their goals, they can fall into a despair. It gets harder to cope with failures, and, as a result, depression develops.

As an emotional disorder, depression can also be caused by a serious psychological trauma, such as death of the beloved, family breakdown, or a serious disease. In rare cases, depression occurs without any obvious reason.

Symptoms of depression

Emotional manifestations of depression vary significantly. They include feeling of anxiety, despair, self-esteem decline. People suffering from depression experience constant fatigue and sadness. They cease to be interested in what used to bring them joy and happiness. They become indifferent to other people.

The behavior of patients also changes. Depression can be suspected if a person loses the ability to focus, can not concentrate attention. As a rule, depressed people are inclined to stay away from society. Loneliness and isolation help them to figure out their own feelings and emotions. If a sociable and cheerful person falls into a depression, he or she begins to avoid contacts with friends and relatives. Quite often, people start to drink alcohol or take drugs.

How to avoid depression?

To avoid depressive conditions, it is important to be capable of overcoming stress. Healthy lifestyle, regular exercises and balanced nutrition will help to strengthen your body, and make it more resistant to hard life situations.