Male circumcision
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June 24, 2016

Circumcision- a surgical procedure. Surgeon removes the foreskin of patient’s penis during this surgery.

Indications for surgery:

There is a number of religious and ethnic traditions that require circumcision. Medical indications are: foreskin damage (due to injury) and phimosis.

Phimosis and associated health risk:

Phimosis is defined as the inability of the prepuce to be retracted behind the glans penis in uncircumcised males. There are different degrees of phimosis. The disease is mild expressed in difficulty (or impossibility) of exposure heads with an erection, but in a calm state of the foreskin is easy to move and open crown. Severe difficult even normal urination. Doctors still can not establish the cause of the disease and believe that it is not a disease, as in itself is not too dangerous for the health. But at the same time phimosis causes serious complications such as:

Paraphimosis – infringement of the head when the foreskin of the penis reveals it, but can not return to its natural state. As a result, circulation is disturbed, which can lead to necrosis. Paraphimosis is an indication for emergency surgery.

Balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans), arising from the fact that complicates phimosis penile hygiene. If untreated, severe cases of balanoposthitis can lead to gangrene.
Phimosis progress is peculiar. In the absence of timely treatment there is a risk that it will grow into a severe degree and will interfere with normal urination.

Damage to the foreskin:

Strong injury, trauma or wound foreskin can lead to a narrowing after healing. The narrowing can lead to negative consequences described above. Therefore, in this case such a situation require circumcision.

There 2 kinds of circumcision:

During the operation, the surgeon removes the foreskin – fully or partially. If the foreskin is removed completely by the surgeon, the head of the penis will be open in any state. Partial removal of the foreskin to 50% (depending on the individual characteristics) closes the head.

Circumcision – possible complications

Circumcision refers to simple operations, so minimal risk of complications during surgery. Modern equipment and experienced surgeons, urologists allow this surgery quickly and without any complications. After 2 weeks after the operation a man can have sexual activity. The natural consequence after circumcision is a decrease in sensitivity. However, many patients find it a positive step that allows to prolong sexual intercourse.

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