What does an asthma attack feel like?

Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the bronchi which is developed when exposed to allergens entering the body from the surrounding air. Asthmatics have very sensitive respiratory tracts. An attack can happen due to any irritating factor. Most often asthma attacks are caused by house dust mites, pet hairs, plants pollen and spores of mold fungi. Bronchi blood vessels get narrow quickly, a strong spasm arises in the throat or trachea, which does not allow a person to inhale. Therefore, patients with bronchial asthma should minimize contact with these allergens. (more…)

How to tell if you have anxiety?

The term “anxiety disorder” is commonly referred to a fairly broad group of diseases and conditions, the main symptom of which is anxiety. It is not simply a reaction to stress, but a psychoemotional disorder, which is characterized by certain biological mechanisms. (more…)

Which anti-microbial substances reduce viral replication (in uninfected cells)?

ARI is not so harmless as many believe – they are dangerous due to their numerous complications, which can manifest themselves during many years. It is always necessary to treat a cold of a bacterial nature and the flu, and the sooner the course of therapy starts, the less is the risk of these complications. The generally accepted cold treatment scheme includes two types of medications – etiotropic, that are agents affecting the pathogen, and symptomatic, allowing to minimize manifestations of the disease (more…)