Energy Drinks
Diet and nutrition

Energy drinks

April 5, 2017

Energy drinks are a recent invention, that is spread all over the world. They have a lot of benefits that make them so popular. If you are falling behind your schedule and your work deadline is about to end, an energy drink can be a great solution for you: they will help you to get rid of weariness and raise the body tone to continue working. Most producers claim that their energy drinks have only positive effects. However, many people suggest that consuming such drinks do harm to your health too. Continue Reading…

Head lice
Human Diseases

Head lice

February 6, 2017

Inspection of the child’s head lice

Head lice – a disease of the scalp that develops as a result of human head lice infection. This disease is simply called lice and if we say that it is related with asocial strata of the population, it will be not entirely correct, since lice can live on the head of any person.

Lice live not only on heads, also in wardrobes (inhabiting on the body of people, and lay eggs in the folds of beds and clothing) and the pubic lice (usually settle on hairy areas of the genital area).

In this article we will focus on how to get rid of lice and nits, as they are the most common. Continue Reading…

womens health
Women's Diseases

Women health and life after age 30.

October 9, 2016

With age, women get not only wisdom and life experience, but also problems with health and gradually occurring age-related changes. Often, changes in the body caused by disruption of hormone levels that occur during pregnancies, postpartum and after breastfeeding.

After age 30 often comes a problem with the thyroid gland, pituitary gland, pancreas and other organs. After thirty years old, the body needs monitoring and care, both external and internal – not only need to visit a beautician and spa salons, but also a therapist and gynecologist. It is often when the first time after thirty y.o. accumulated ailments comes up, health problems and defects, especially in today’s stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. Continue Reading…

Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation

October 1, 2016

Hyperpigmentation is an increased accumulation of melanin in the skin and this process is accompanied by a darkening of the entire body surface or its individual areas. This pathological condition of the skin is difficult to treat. The causes of skin pigmentation can be different and for their detection- a specialist consultation is necessary. Continue Reading…


Symptoms of Pancreas

September 2, 2016

Among all serious health problems in modern humans, the symptoms of pancreatic diseases occupy the first position on its prevalence in all age groups.

The anatomy of human body:

Usually, bad physical appearance of a person is associated with malnutrition and deteriorating environmental conditions. Of course, abuse of tobacco and alcohol, as well as constant stress – it is also a direct way to problems with digestion, and endocrine glands. That is why the symptoms of pancreas diseases, as well as all actions to counter this disease should be known to everyone to pay attention to their health. Due to the proximity to the gallbladder cancer, often inflammation leads to the manifestation of symptoms of the disease and the endocrine organs. Continue Reading…

Human Diseases


June 27, 2016

Signs and treatment of syphilis in the mouth

Syphilis in the mouth (Lues) – a chronic infection with a wavy course, is an STD – a sexually transmitted disease, its cause is the penetration into the body of the bacteria of pale treponema (T. Pallidum) from the spirochaetes kind. It has its own peculiarities: it develops only at a temperature of 37 ° C, it dies instantly in boiling water, reacts to antiseptics, soap and alcohol. There is no sex and age gradation for syphilis. Congenital syphilis can happen in case of a fetus infection.

General information

Syphilitic process has 3 stages. The cause of the disease is spirochete infection, but it occurs only with a sufficient number of pathogens and only if there is a broken skin: cracks, abrasions. Syphilis is considered as a systemic disease, because affects all systems and organs. The oral mucosa is always affected, so at any stage, there are all favorable conditions for the life of treponema. Continue Reading…

Male circumcision
Men's Health


June 24, 2016

Circumcision- a surgical procedure. Surgeon removes the foreskin of patient’s penis during this surgery.

Indications for surgery:

There is a number of religious and ethnic traditions that require circumcision. Medical indications are: foreskin damage (due to injury) and phimosis. Continue Reading…

Polymerase chain reaction

PCR – polymerase chain reaction

June 20, 2016

PCR – polymerase chain reaction is known since 1983, when it opened a future Nobel Prize Myullis. This method provides the work with a negligible amount of starting material (DNA), increasing its size in thousands and millions of times. At the same time playing an exact copy of the original DNA, which makes this method the most accurate and reliable in the diagnosis of various diseases. Continue Reading…