Blood pressure

November 22, 2017

Blood or arterial pressure is essential for proper provision of the body organs with oxygen and nutrients. Normal blood pressure is a sign of good health of the body, whereas high or low blood pressure may indicate certain disorders.

As you know, the blood in our body moves in vessels: veins, capillaries, and arteries. When moving, it puts pressure on the vessel walls. The types of the blood pressure include intracardial, capillary, venous, and arterial. Continue Reading…

Human Diseases

Skin diseases

November 22, 2017

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is our strongest and, at the same time, the most sensitive natural protection. Skin diseases vary greatly due to a big number of their causes (internal and external). Almost always, when the disease starts, a person can detect skin disorders, since pathologies can clearly be seen on the skin surface. Skin problems cause discomfort, irritation, redness and a lot of other symptoms. The diseases differ in their severity, and while some can be pretty minor, others are life-threatening.


A lot of skin diseases are caused by infections. When pathogenic microorganisms get into the body, they start to multiply. Their activity causes inflammation, that is normally accompanied with redness and pain. As a rule, the infection begins with red bumps. Over time, they increase in size and cause more discomfort for the infected. Some of the infectious skin diseases are folliculitis, panaritium, impetigo, and dermatomycosis. Continue Reading…

Human Diseases

Anxiety disorder

November 20, 2017

Everybody knows an unpleasant feeling of being worried about something. Sometimes, a person can feel worried and scared of something, that is not going to happen. There is no actual object, person or situation that might cause this condition. If the person is constantly experiencing these feelings, he or she can suffer from anxiety. Continue Reading…

Human Diseases


November 19, 2017

Depression is a serious psychological disorder. When a person suffers from depression, it causes discomfort to his family and friends. Lack of interest to everything, inactivity, irritability are typical for depression. More severe depression may lead to physical dysfunction of organs. There are several stages of depression, that require different treatment methods. Usually, depression develops because of strong stress or a long-term stressful situation. Continue Reading…

Scalp Problems
Human Diseases

Scalp problems

November 15, 2017

Scalp problems – one of the most common reasons to make an appointment with a doctor. Scalp and hair disorders include hair structure defects, baldness, dandruff, itching, hair loss and many other symptoms. All these symptoms can eventually lead to a psycho-emotional discomfort and, as a result, a decline in the quality of life. Continue Reading…

Influenza (Flu)
Human Diseases


November 8, 2017

Influenza or “flu”- is a serious infectious disease that is caused by specific viruses. The infection is characterized by a very acute onset with the symptoms of intoxication, high temperature, headache and etc.. Unfortunately, our body is pretty much exposed to the flu virus. The best way to avoid flu is to get a flu vaccination every year. However, if you didn’t have the chance to get the vaccine timely, make sure that you know what other preventive actions are, and how to treat flu if you got sick. Continue Reading…

Perfect body

5 steps to your perfect shape.

November 5, 2017

Being satisfied with our appearance and shape is extremely important for our self-esteem. We all want to have an ideal slim body and perfect skin. Unfortunately, a significant part of the world’s population experiences weight problems today. Both men and women all over the world keep torturing themselves by exhausting workouts and abnormal food restrictions. However, this approach is completely incorrect. Constant diets and exercises can actually be unhealthy. We become very irritable and touchy, but still not satisfied and unhappy. In order to avoid these mishaps you can follow 5 simple rules, that will help you to cope with an overweight and do it in a healthy way. Continue Reading…

Low Blood Pressure
Human Diseases

The problem of hypotension

October 9, 2017

Age-related changes in blood pressure

When diagnosing the problem of hypotension, the most important indicator is the age of the patient. For the elderly – increased lower pressure often becomes the norm, the symptoms of hypotension indicate a natural decrease in the tone of muscles and blood vessels for a deep old age. If the symptoms of hypotension are clearly manifested at a young age, then it is worthwhile to undergo a full course of diagnostic measures. Continue Reading…

PRP therapy

Hair loss treatment.

September 23, 2017

The problem of losing hair is extremely complicated because of the variety of possible reasons.
As a result of long-term exposure to various factors, both external and internal, the scalp starts to suffer. Microcirculation and water-fat balance get interrupted, which leads to deterioration of the hair condition, and ultimately to hair loss. Continue Reading…