About Us

There are plenty of forums and websites on the Internet, that are dedicated to diseases and their treatments. Some of them actively promote clinical and medical treatments, others are specialized on nontraditional treatment methods. However, web portals that combine both approaches are not so numerous. Our blog is one of such rare examples.

Kamarag blog does not produce and does not sell medical products. This web-site is an informative blog, which helps people to get useful information about patented drugs.

When we started to work on the project, we were focused on the user-friendly features of the blog. For example, all our articles are divided into 5 categories. Besides, you can use a search box to find the necessary information faster.

We are always ready to work extra to develop our blog. We post new articles on a regular basis and never make you wait for a fresh post. In our articles you will find interesting unbiased information about old and new treatment methods, and popular homemade remedies, that are recommended by many doctors.

Enjoy the advantages that you get, when reading our blog:

  • easy orientation;
  • comprehensive information expressed in layman’s terms;
  • user-friendly interface.

Our health is very important, since it affects our physical well-being, as well as our emotional state.

We want to wish good health and harmony of body and soul to all our frequent readers, and to those who have just joined!