Worms treatment with folk remedies

Treatment with folk remedies

Since ancient times, when infected with worms are very effective people’s means.

Hot pepper

Very well helps to cope with worms, if you eat it in fresh or ground form. This option is only suitable for adults. Children need to give in large quantities of carrots and carrot juice.

Burnt pepper from worms

Enema with garlic

This tool will help to cope with pinworms. It is necessary to crush several cloves of garlic in warm water and strain, this water is used for enema.

Enema with garlic from parasites

Milk and Garlic

Together with milk, cook the garlic head to make it soft, then drain the milk. When it cools, make an enema. Such a procedure will be very effective if conducted within a week.

Milk and garlic from worms

Tincture based on walnuts

Crush the young green nuts to get 4 tbsp. Spoon, then boil them in salted water. After the broth is infused for an hour, it must be filtered. Drink tincture all day long. It will effectively alternate this remedy with laxatives.

Tincture on walnuts from worms

For treatment, various tinctures can be used.
From tansy. Several tablespoons of dry herbs pour boiling water, then insist for an hour and strain. Use a tablespoon several times a day.

Sagebrush. Spoon the grass bitter wormwood pour boiling water, cool and strain. Drink each time before meals for half an hour for several tablespoons.

Bow. As small as possible cut the onions and put in a bottle. The number of onions should equal half the bottle. Pour the contents with alcohol or vodka. Insist not less than ten days. Drink a few tablespoons each time before eating. For children, you can use boiling water instead of vodka. Content to insist half a day. Give the child to drink a tincture for several days, half a glass a day.

Excellent cope with worms will help tincture of wormwood and pumpkin seeds. Components should be connected in equal quantities. Put the contents in a bottle and pour the vodka. Insist week in a bright place. Tincture is taken for half an hour before meals every day.

Wormwood for treatment of worms

Pumpkin seed pulp

Peel the pumpkin seeds from the husks, crush them thoroughly, add water, add honey or sugar. Eat an empty stomach whole portion.
For an adult, the portion is – 200 g, for aunts of preschool age – 75 g, for older children – 100-150 g. After a few hours, drink sulphate magnesia and make an enema in half an hour.

Pumpkin seeds from parasites

Scientific facts about worms

In the world there are more than three hundred species of helminths, on the territory of the CIS countries there are about seventy species that live in the human body. According to scientists, every year every second is infected with one of the three main types of worms. The frequency of helminthiasis can be compared with the frequency of the flu.

When cysticercosis is infected, parasites are localized not only in the organs of vision, tissues and muscles, but also in the brain. In the brain, this helminth can live for many years.

An adult ascarid lays more than two hundred thousand eggs per day, which is why it is almost impossible to get them out at once in case of infection with ascarids.

Worms release toxic poisons and allergens, which adversely affect the entire body.

The bandworm is the longest helminth on the ground, it lives in the intestines of fish, but there are cases when it was found in humans. The length of this parasite can be more than ten meters.
To conduct the procedure of dehelminthization in domestic animals is necessary at least several times a year.

Pumpkin seeds contain components that kill parasites. Therefore, their use is recommended to be carried out even for preventive purposes. In this case, the eggs of the parasite of pinworm can remain viable for six months – regularly undergo an examination, and take the tests with the whole family.

Hand over the tests for the detection of parasites

Pets through wet breath can scatter eggs of parasites by several meters, so regularly conduct a wet cleaning in the house, and give the pet a tablet of worms, for the prevention. When ingested, the worms produce a special protective substance that prevents the action of gastric juice.

It is important to know:

  • Female Trichinella are viviparous, they do not lay eggs, therefore the analysis of a feces will not reveal parasites.
  • Toksokary affects the organs of vision and can cause blindness in their carriers.
  • Parasites found in foods die during heat treatment.
  • Sharp weight loss is a symptom that appears already in the late stages of the development of helminthiosis.

It is generally believed that bruxism – gnashing his teeth in a dream – is a sign of helminthic invasion, but this is not entirely true. It can appear due to an incorrect bite or nasopharyngeal diseases.