Women health experience about life after 30

With age, women were recruited not only wisdom and life experience, but also problems in the health and gradually occurring age-related changes. Often, changes in the body caused by disruption of normal hormone levels that occur during problem pregnancies, postpartum and after breastfeeding.

In addition, the causes of ill health and body changes after 30 years become a problem with the thyroid gland, pituitary gland, pancreas and other organs. After thirty years, the body needs closer monitoring and care, both external and internal – not only need to visit a beautician and spa salons, but also a therapist and gynecologist. It is often the first time after thirty begin to assert itself accumulated ailments, health problems and defects, especially in today’s stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. Now in more detail.

Let’s start with the waist.

Often, even with the principles of a healthy lifestyle as the passage of time can be noted at some age-related changes in body proportion and appearance. Moreover, many of the changes taking place not in a good way. Begins to occur some irregularities in the deposition of fat, muscle and bone changes of the body frame, and the outlines of the figures are different than were youth. But why is this happening and whether the woman herself in a position to influence this fact and change your shape for the better?
First of all unpleasant phenomena observed in the waist area – changes the shape and size of the stomach, and it usually occurs as a result of disturbances in the digestive system. If there is an excess in the body of carbohydrates, they begin to be fermented by microorganisms living in the digestive always tube that results in the activation of the fermentation process, gas production and gut loops inflate, resulting treacherous belly bulged forward.

In addition, there may be Zhirkov and deposits in the waist and abdomen due to hormonal imbalance in the body of a woman, a metabolic disorder resulting from food excesses, fad diets or starvation, metabolic disturbance of female sex hormones-estrogen as a result, leads to changes in the figures. Typically this occurs after a period of 35-40 years, and approaches the period of menopause. In this state, it is important to promptly examined by a gynecologist, endocrinologist, so he took off his suspicion of diabetes and heart disease and vascular pathology of the thyroid gland and adrenal gland.

Also, it is not strange it sounds – but the belly is growing by nerves, as in that joke – “is not overweight – a bundle of nerves.” Frequent stress in the body activated by excessive formation of adrenal stress hormones. Including cortisol, which is a provocateur deposits of fat in the waist and stomach area, then the necessary control over the work of the adrenal and pituitary glands.

Changes in the neck.

Sometimes, after thirty years in the neck formed a kind of “hump” of the soft tissues and processes of the vertebrae. Such an extension of the vertebrae in the cervical region of the spine may be an indication not only low rolling lifestyle or women having expressed osteochondrosis, but also on strengthening the adrenal glands and the production of hormones. As a result, there is a redistribution of fat tissue in the body with the placement of fat in “inconvenient” locations – primarily increases the upper half of the body – the body and the neck area, but the area of ​​the buttocks and legs against a background of massive top zhireet very little, or even lose weight.

After forty years of women’s hump may be formed already by hormonal changes, because of which there is a change of bones and joints, impaired calcium metabolism. In this case it is necessary to measure blood levels of calcium and bone density, X-ray of the spine, and then you need to start taking calcium supplements, medicines for vascular regeneration. Also it is necessary to do yoga, or special exercises, osteopathic practitioners, massage, stretching and swimming pool.

Breast Changes.

More frustrating all women age changes in the breast, as it begins to sag under its own weight and gravity, and also by adding weight and bulk. Often the changes in the breast begin in pregnancy – skin stretching occurs on its surface, the striae are formed. Then, the sudden cessation of breastfeeding or complete denial of it happening zapustevanie gland tissue sagging and dull its “ears spaniel.” In addition, the breast changes can significantly affect hormonal contraceptives – pills and candles with hormones, production of spirals. In addition, the breast increases also due to the overall increase in body weight and fat redistribution around the prostate.

Reduced growth.

As we age there is greater and greater compression of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, skeletal deformities occur, especially in the presence of excess weight. This leads to the fact that as we age is gradually reduced the growth of women, including due to the formation of scoliosis, a woman slouches, stoops, vzvalivaya the excessive burden of problems. After each pregnancy, women can “shrink” to 0.5-1 cm in height. With the weakening of the abdominal muscles main support while maintaining the vertical position of the body takes on the spine, causing him pain and discomfort, crunching and friction. As the age of osteochondrosis has specificity progress leading to pain in the back and neck, headaches and disorders of health. It should not waste time and be examined by a neurologist and an orthopedic, spine on x-ray to check and do muscle-strengthening cartilaginous skeleton.

What could be in health?

Disease among women between the ages of thirty field – mass transfer can be very long, separate dwelling on the age-related changes. However, the most painful over the age of thirty years, is the presence of migraine, a painful and long hours. The exact causes of migraines still find it difficult to establish even the doctors, but predispose them some combination of perfume when inhaled, some essential oils, ingestion of particular groups of foods rich in extractive components – nuts, chocolate, cheese, alcohol – especially red wine. In addition, they provoke the development of migraine headaches, and just a headache from stress, constant stress – both physical and emotional, experiencing modern women.
Also headaches can be triggered by menstruation, taking contraceptives or hormonal drugs, colds, climate change and the season, many other factors. The reasons for the development of migraines and headaches are so many – one way to create a blackout and complete rest, take a pill analgesic and sleep.

Changes in skin and figure.

We have already talked about the reasons for the changes in the outline of the figure, but do not become less visible and the symptoms – the appearance of facial wrinkles, skin imperfections on the body, age spots, gray hair … All of this upsets the woman who feels still quite young and vigorous. To feel the signs of aging as long as possible, as it is banal sounds, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat right, take care of yourself and love yourself. First of all, remember that the main enemies of health and beauty are the free radicals that accumulate in the body with a deficit of vitamins and antioxidants in the diet and the lack of rest and sleep. The best antioxidants are natural juice and green tea, fruits and vegetables, herbs. If possible, be sure to eat every day fresh fruits – vegetables or fruits, herbs.
Equally disastrous for beauty and youth is the lack of fluid, which leads to dehydration and sagging of the skin, its dryness and flaking, the formation of fine lines and disturbance of the lipid balance, which is reflected on the face and body. It is necessary to take it a rule to drink every day at least one and a half liters of fluid, in addition to the usual food – and it must be clean water, not tea or coffee.

Cancer alertness.

After thirty years of women need more carefully monitor the condition of the tissues of breast and reproductive organs, especially the cervix and ovaries. Oncology in the women’s field – is not uncommon today. Therefore, breast self-examination regularly spend at the mirror in a standing position and lying on the bed. In identifying nodules, sealing gland and structure violations – immediately to the doctor. You must also regularly every six months to pass routine inspections at the gynecologist, Pap cytology and conduct ultrasound of the genitourinary system.

Middle age crisis.

For thirty years women have achieved a lot in life, they have a stable position in the society, family and children, career, and often there is a state of discomfort, psychological insecurity and feeling that life is passing. As a result of psychological crisis women are able to do something silly, change your life 180 degrees, change the husband, etc. This is due to the secret question – “and I still attractive?”, “ah, I’m not young, I do not like me around.”
And then she begins to prove itself otherwise, fell into the adventure on the plastic face and body, changing husbands and lovers, work location, and so on. But as a result there is no satisfaction, and she returns to the starting point, to the familiar and measured life. In any case – if you feel that you have a problem – see a psychologist, talk to him, try to look at the problem from another angle, and sometimes it turns out that the problem or not.
Important sexual part of the relationship – a woman should feel sexy and desirable, attractive and young, and in many respects it is a merit of competent and active husband, then a midlife crisis goes unnoticed.