What our body show us?


Blaming nature or angry when you are sick, it is meaningless. Instead, open a message, send you your body.

Ask your superconscious, and it is sure to give you an answer. As long as you do not open the information sent by your super-consciousness, you will continue to suffer from the disease. If you clearly hear and understand I am sending you a message, it should take a co-sponding action to restore their health.

Here is an analogy:

In the yard is dark, and a neighbor knocks on your door to let you know that you have not turned off the headlights of his car. You ignore this message, but he keeps banging and doing everything to get your attention. He sincerely wants to help you, but do you think that he knowingly causes you concern. If you are completely proignoriruesh it, you eventually discover that the batteries of your car and sat down.

  • Similarly comes towards you your super-consciousness. If you are ignored, eat or misunderstand its signals, it continues to send them to you. They will step-up until finally you will not develop cancer or not happen a serious heart attack is something that will shock you and make to make changes in their lives. If you’re talking about, and ignore this message – the final will be sad.

Do not reasonably could be a little more attentive and sensitive to the fact that govo-rit you your body?

  • Whenever you feel physical discomfort, your body is sending you a signal. The disease is never only physical – the physical manifestation of the metaphysical (standing beyond the physical) messages.
  • The severity of disease is directly dependent on the severity of the message. If a serious illness, so it is a long time gathering strength. Your soul cries for help: it’s time to meet again with the great healer – love.


  • Are you sure that someone exploits you, but keep your suspicions to yourself. Arthritis affects people who can not say “no” and accused others in that they exploit. In fact, other people respond according to the vibrations, which are obtained from you, they exploit you because you’re subconsciously encourages them to do so.
  • Your body, arthritic, sends you a message: “Stop to think that all you exploit … you’re talking about yourself” yes “when you mean” no “Defend yourself if you say ho-chesh..” No, “say” no “If you prefer to serve to anyone -. serve, but do it without any expectations and with joy in my heart Stop trying to change the other to try to be in harmony with our true nature.”.


  • If your gums hurt you, it means that you have to strengthen your resolve. You say, “Do not be afraid – follow what comes to your mind now.”


  • If you are sick teeth, it indicates your indecision. You refuse to take decisions out of fear of the consequences. Currently, you need to take some important decision for you and your body is telling you: “Do not worry – no matter what you thought it would be a good solution, it is based on your internal knowledge.”


  • You feel as if “the whole world to you leaned on his shoulders.” Do you feel that you have no one to rely on and that you are responsible for the happiness or misery of all those whom you love. Your subconscious is sending you a message: “Stop thinking that you are responsible for someone else if you want to support someone, do it not out of duty, but willingly.”. Take responsibility for your own decisions – you have to find their ability to make.
  • When a person feels that he lacks support from other people, he really wants to get it, but usually out of pride, he abandons her. In the end it discourage people to offer their assistance.

If you feel pain in the upper back, this is due to lack of support from others. Pain in the lower back – an indicator of the lack of material or monetary support.