Weight loss problems

Years lived in adverse conditions of modern ecology, worsen the health of even the strongest people. Therefore, the question of how to lose weight after 50 years, must be accompanied by the addition of “how not to hurt yourself at the same time.” It is rare that a woman of pre-retirement and retirement age does not have chronic diseases, in which many diets are contraindicated.

Plus, weight loss after 50 years is often accompanied by the appearance of skin folds, as the skin of the face and body is already inelastic, it is drier and thinner than it was in youth, and lost elasticity. To avoid problems with deep wrinkles and folds, you need to lose weight safely, losing no more than 3-4 kilograms per month.

And the best answer to the question, how to safely and properly lose weight after 50 years, is to combine a healthy diet with an active lifestyle. It is necessary to consult with a dietician and get recommendations on an individual system that will give results without harm to your health. If you decide to get rid of fat accumulation, no special teas or starvation will be helpful. Pay attention, first of all, to the products to which you are accustomed, and try to abandon those that we list below. Then the question of how to effectively lose weight after 50 years, it will be possible to solve faster and easier.

How to lose weight after 50 years and what you need to do with it?

The basis of the new diet should not be express diets, which are contraindicated even at a young age, but a healthy diet and a timely meal. It is necessary to exclude everything fat and sweet, all high-calorie food and the more so fast-food. Extra calories, and therefore extra pounds – is not only external unattractiveness, but also numerous diseases, including diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc.

Everyone who wanted to learn how to lose weight after 50 years is advised to remember, and even better to write down and hang in his kitchen a small poster: “I must give up: sweets and flour, fatty and fried, hot and smoked, marinades and pickles “. It is also worth reducing the amount of meat so that the protein is less deposited in the body. 70 grams of cooked meat is best eaten not more often 1-2 times a week. The same advice anti-aging menu gives and about fish, which is also rich in protein.

Your body needs vegetables, fruits, whole grains. By including them in your diet, you will solve the problem of “how to lose weight after 50 years without harm to health” and effectively, and without damage to the body. From vegetables tomatoes, onions, garlic, aubergines, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, beets, cabbage, potatoes are recommended. From fruits and berries – apples, pears, raspberries, gooseberries, black or red currants, cherries.

Elderly people are required to calcium. You can’t replenish its loss only with the help of medicines, but also using milk and sour-milk products: kefir, cottage cheese. Baking and white bread is better to exclude and replace them with bread with bran or whole-grain bread. Dietary breads – a natural and environmentally safe product – will also be useful.

How to lose weight properly? Playing sports after 50 years

The methods that solve the problem of age-related weight loss are not only the diet and the rejection of certain products. Answering the question, how to properly lose weight with menopause and after 50 years, specialists will necessarily remind you that you must change your way of life. You need to walk more, do exercises, start walking Nordic walking. Any kind of sport that will increase physical activity and will be useful in view of possible chronic diseases will also help to lose weight and raise vitality.

You even more quickly solve the problem, which worries many women of elegant age – how to lose weight after 50 years, if you find like-minded people.

Apply at least once to the instructor, and he will advise which sport to choose. And do not forget about morning gymnastics! Results will not keep you waiting. A suitable set of exercises plus the rejection of harmful products, plus a properly composed diet and frequency of food intake will have a tremendous effect.

Since with age, the level of metabolic processes in the body decreases and the usual frequency of food intake leads to weight gain, it is necessary to change it. Solving the problem of how best to lose weight after 50 years, go to 6-7 meals a day. Fractional food intake in small portions helps the digestive system work more efficiently. The metabolism accelerates. You will manage without diets, giving a sharp weight loss, your body will become more tight, the skin will not hang down, the complexion will improve, the mood will be so much better every day!