Syphilis is the most known infection among the others which are transmitted during a very close contact with sick people. Most often the disease is transmitted through sexual contact, but it does happen and everyday ways of infection.

Transmission of syphilis

Pregnant women with syphilis can infect her child in utero. The most dangerous is the contamination of the primary and secondary period of syphilis. Tertiary period is not considered contagious.

   Symptoms of syphilis:

  • oval erosion (in the field of implementation of the causative agent – Treponema pallidum);
  • a regional lymph node enlargement;
  • syphilides.

Before diagnosis and prescription of treatment, the patient is required to take a blood test for RW.

What is syphilis?

Syphilis is a disease caused by Treponema pallidum, which is most commonly transmitted by sexual contact with an ill person. Treponema looks fine helical thread, which is outside the body retains its viability for several hours in a moist environment, and killed immediately by drying. pathogen transmission occurs during sexual contact.

Very rare pathogen is transmitted by kissing, using other people’s hygiene (sponges, towels), as well as through contaminated medical instruments. Children and young people can be infected with syphilis during forcible sexual contact.

The pathogen enters the body through a break in the skin and mucous membranes – scratches, abrasions, cracks. Intrusion treponem are the skin, mucous membranes of the genitals and the oropharynx. After the introduction of the pathogen into the body is located in nearby lymph nodes, organs and tissues.

Analysis of blood on RW is required when:

  • casual sex;
  • planning a pregnancy;
  • preparation for surgery;
  • Enlarged lymph nodes;
  • rashes on the skin and mucous membranes unclear etiology;
  • ulcers and secretions from the genitals.

Blood test for RW carried out on an empty stomach. In the 12 hours before the study can not drink alcohol, smoke, take drugs, drink tea, coffee and juices. Water is allowed.

A negative result can not exclude the primary and tertiary period of syphilis. Negative response may occur in the destruction of red blood cells. If hemolysis occurs, the estimated response rate, depending on the stage of the disease (1, 2 or 3 “+”).

The secondary period of syphilis is always positive. In this analysis of the blood on RW will show a negative result within the first 17 days, a positive – at 6 weeks of the disease in 25% of people. At week 8 – 80%. Approximately 5% of patients with false-positive result of the study will be.

If you want to conduct a study on a large number of people, it would be appropriate to make the ODP (Qualifying reaction for syphilis). To this was dropped onto a glass slide, blood, plasma, serum, and added thereto kardiolipidny antigen. If a person is healthy, the reaction will be negative. If the sample is positive, then the patient is carried out a thorough diagnosis on the basis of which is diagnosed.

False positive reactions can occur when:

  • pregnancy
  • diabetes
  • oncological diseases
  • tuberculosis
  • pneumonia
  • drug addicts and alcoholics
  • in viral hepatitis
  • after vaccination.

Evaluation samples

The result of the blood for syphilis evaluated as positive or negative. If a positive result in the form of analysis indicated 1, 2, or 4 cross. This is interpreted as follows:

  • dubious reaction “+”;
  • weak reaction “++”;
  • positive “++++”.

If the form of research mentioned plus 1 or 2, it is necessary to repeat the analysis. Do not immediately be frightened if the result of blood tests on RW was positive. This does not always mean that a person is sick with syphilis. Such conditions as pregnancy, severe allergic diseases, infection can give a false positive result.

   If and when retesting result again positive, the doctor prescribes treatment urgently.

It is important to remember that syphilis and other diseases are best treated in its earliest stages. The blood on RW pregnant women need to take over the entire period of gestation. If a woman is sick with syphilis, it is harmful not only to her but also to the health and the life of her child. Subsequently, the fruit can have serious developmental disorders, including death.