Smoking health problems

Surely many women have a different voice because of smoking. It becomes lower, crude and sometimes hoarse. The voice of a woman smoking is likened to the male, so the impact on cigarette voice more significantly in women than in men. While men feel and say that smoking is “planted” their voice. And this is just one of the reasons due to which people get rid of this addiction. A successfully get rid of, think about how to return the voice of his natural tone, height and power of the sound. So how do you do it? Which medical drugs or folk remedies?

  • Reasons for change in voice Tobacco smoke affects primarily the respiratory system. It passes through the throat, ligaments, and over time a person feels that he has not said as much as before. What is the reason for this change of voice? Nicotine affects on the tissue of the throat and pharynx, the vocal cords. He provokes the chronic inflammation that is laryngitis. Possible transition of inflammation, dysplasia or warts to cancer. Fabrics throat and trachea under the influence of nicotine lose their natural elasticity, reduced their functional ability, but the vocal cords are affected at the same time to a minimum.
  • Voice over sets of air shortage, the constant shortness of breath, or narrowing of the glottis. As far as the voice of change in smoking, it depends on the individual person. As a rule, it is influenced by the experience of the smoker, genetic predisposition and the quality of cigarettes smoked. Recovery Tools votes “stranded” due to the voice of smoking can be restored. And that convinced people who have stopped smoking. After getting rid of the bad habits of the effect of restoring the voice, improve vocal cords visible. But just happens recovery is very slow. Doctors have concluded that it needs to 6 months. Some people, and this time will not be enough to fully restore the voice. For the 6 months after getting rid of nicotine addiction recovery takes place circulation in the tissues of the larynx, resumed their elasticity, heal dysplastic lesions, micro-scarring and erosion that formed burns smoke.
  • Of course, many people would like to speed up the process of restoring the voice. What medicines, tools and procedures will become catalysts for restoration of voting after smoking? For an individual approach to this issue should visit the doctor and tell him about the experience of smoking, about the period without cigarettes. It should be remembered that full cleansing of the body from the tobacco comes only 3 months after the complete farewell to him. And only after that comes the process of recovery of the vocal cords and voice. In most cases, doctors recommend, first of all, diet: eliminate sharp and salt from the daily diet, limit hot beverages and cold. Doctors are advised to apply to the neck warm. It is also important to help the body, and in this case, bronchi, cleansed of toxins that accumulated there for years.
  • Excellent clean bronchi essential oils, expectorants pills, herbs and fees. It is best to start with a clean inhalations with essential oils: Inhalation. They act on the bundle is better than ready aerosols. For inhalations should take a broad container, pour boiling water and drip to the essential oil of eucalyptus, fir, Siberian pine, sage (optional). Then you need to cover your head with a towel and lean over capacity. The height of the slope should be adjusted so as not to get burned. Inhale necessary to mouth, exhale through the nose. Breathe essential oil is recommended to start at 3-5 minutes, and in the coming days to increase the duration of inhalation. To be effective, these procedures should be carried out every day or every other day. You can make inhalation with a special collection of herbs “Elekasol”, which is sold in a pharmacy. Falimint and special lozenges help with inflammation of the throat. Of course, the throat to the voice of little effect if the process is not running. And it happens often smokers. They have a sore throat just develop into a chronic stage. Again, the presence of such inflammation will help diagnose the otolaryngologist. If you do not want to use lozenges or tablets, you can drink herbal tea. Suit chamomile, sage and eucalyptus, the same “Elekasol”.
  • They possess antiinflammatory effect not lower than the tablet. READ ALSO recovery of the body after smoking What you need to have a post-workout recovery of the liver after alcohol How to recover quickly after training diet after a heart attack for men Lugol solution. This solution – a wonderful assistant for tickle and hissing voice, wheezing and tickling in the throat area. The solution is cheap, sold in every pharmacy. It is a piece of fleece wound on a stick, moisten it into a medical fluid and lubricate the throat – tonsils and back of the throat. Drink. Any ailment of the throat, ligaments, long singing is recommended to drink a lot. Copious amounts of fluid – a chamomile tea and mineral water, fruit drinks and juices, broth hips and drug charges. They should be consumed in the form of heat, but not hot! Hot mulled wine. It can heat up the bunch. However, this event is an emergency measure and not systematic. This is better not to get involved. Diazolin or other allergy medications.
  • They relieve swelling from inflammation of the throat and ligaments have a sedative effect. Use of these drugs is better at night, and then by a doctor. They are, if necessary, you will assign the same otolarinigolog and yourself to use such medication is not necessary. In some cases Diazolin removes phlegm from the throat just pieces! Bromhexine, Gerbion, Libeksin commonly prescribed doctor if sore throat. But more often than other medicines prescribed ACC. This is a very powerful drug. Use it to restore the voice you need after a doctor’s prescription, subject to the scheme and dosage. Sputum ACC Course withdraw as soon as possible. Traditional recipes Besides medication, you can restore the voice and simpler methods. For example, use the recipes of traditional medicine: Burdock oil. It needs to drip onto the root of the tongue daily to oil fell on the vocal cords. Enveloping their oil restores elasticity. Cocoa butter. Cocoa butter in a well restores tissue throat, pharynx, treats inflammation. Medical mixture. Take a glass of high-quality honey, 50 grams of cocoa, 200 grams of butter. All melt in a water bath, and add in the juice from the leaves of aloe 4-5. This mixture has a great healing effect for sore throat tissues of the pharynx. Take it should be one teaspoon 2 times a day after meals. Thereafter, it is impossible to drink at least 30 minutes. Warm milk with honey. A glass of milk with honey is recommended to drink, and to restore the voice, and for a good sleep. The protein shake. His need to drink only at night. Beat 2 egg protein with 2 teaspoons of heated honey. Add 50 grams of cognac. Pour into a separate glass of warm water. And now every sip protein wash down a cocktail drink of water. After this procedure, you need to immediately go to sleep. After several such procedures on the morning of your voice will delight the positive changes. Milk with figs. It is necessary to boil the milk, a little cool it and add the chopped figs 2 things. Eat at night. Include in the diet fatty fish or caviar, sea kale and other seafood.
  • They contribute to the rapid recovery of the body after smoking cessation, and thus help to restore his voice. A large number of raw vegetables also helps to cleanse the body of toxins nicotine. Sauna and steam bath. These funds – an excellent assistant in the general cleansing of the body from tobacco and nicotine, which accumulates in the body for years. Inhalation of essential oils in the bath – the best and most effective inhalation. So take it with you to the bath the essential oils of eucalyptus, fir, Siberian pine, lemon. Drip a few drops in a cup of water and pour it on the composition of the rocks. Already after the first use of the sauna with the inhalation, you will notice a strong cleaning effect. And for the past 2 months, your voice after regular visits to the bath will be the same and recover completely. A good helper for the restoration of voting after smoking and will activate the vocal cords themselves with the help of special exercises: Exercise №1. Stick out your tongue and pull it to the maxim to the nose, then the chin.
  • Tightening language must be accompanied by the sound pronunciation of “e”. Exercise №2. Stick out your tongue for maximum breath and try to pronounce the sound “a”. When you exercise you need to feel the tension of the vocal cords. Thus, the systematic application of the above drugs and recipes is sure to help restore the voice of faster return of its natural tone.