skin Pigmentation

Question: “What if there were dark spots on the face, which has the means of pigmentation How quickly remove pigmentation from the skin?” (Questions from readers)

Answer: First of all, patience. Tune in to what will have to find an individual solution to try more than one way “antipigment”. Pigmentation – not cellulite. The problem of pigmentation of the skin of the face and body faces any person, regardless of gender and age. For example, spots are found in children whose mothers were sunbathing during pregnancy. In order to select an effective solution, one must know the causes of pigmentation and how to get rid of spots. This article I open a cycle of “Skin pigmentation”, which will tell about the reasons for the appearance of age spots and how to get rid of them. The answer as usual in two versions.


The causes of pigmentation on the skin are different

If you are determined to fight against this aesthetic skin defects, then, first of all, we need to be concerned about their peace of mind and do not upset. Brown spots not only decorate, but do not improve the mood. Do not let them hurt himself.

I suggest the following steps:

Buy corrective means lilac in addition to your creams (this color perfectly hides the pigmentation). In Russia, such a corrector can be bought in stores for hairdressers make-up-there he is in the range of some pharmacies and traditional decorative cosmetics in Japan and Korea.
Buy a cream with a high sun protection factor (not less than 30 units). Use it on a mandatory basis for 30 minutes before leaving the house during the period from March to October.
For the “safety net” against possible skin reactions to bleaching, buy cream for sensitive skin.
Information: for those who prefer natural skin care products, advice and recipes for the use of oils and emulsions with a natural sun protection factor in a special article.


Deal with the causes of pigmentation. What they may be:

  • hormonal changes in the body;
  • the effects of burns and solar radiation;
  • insufficient work of the liver and spleen.

What does the cosmetic industry: peels and bleaching agents on the AHA-acids, except fruit. For peelings many contraindications, because of the pigmentation often suffer from sensitive skin is thin, and such treatments often worsen her condition. Cosmetics on fruit acids (again, if you do not cause an attack of skin reactivity) can lighten the tone of the face, but did not solve the problem of skin pigmentation.

But the decision in such a difficult situation is: it is in your perseverance and the right things. I advice you:

  • a policy of cleansing the liver;
    buy-antipigment essential oil treatments every night (lemon, rosewood, parsley, mint, blue chamomile). To achieve the desired results it is necessary essential oils for aromatherapy professional. It is important.
  • Find natural milk, from which to make masks and tonics and antipigment-serum for the skin;
  • Buy a cream with a high sun protection factor, or natural oils.

All will be well, and even better, because all the measures to combat pigmentation have a noticeable rejuvenating effect on the skin. Specific recipes and recommendations in the following articles series “Skin pigmentation”.