Let us try to formulate the basic rules on how to treat sinusitis in the home:

You need to create the possibility of free flow of contents from the nose and sinuses. For this purpose special decongestants, drops or cold remedies with decongestants components in the lineup.

  1.  Washing and cleaning – the main points in the fight against sinusitis. Use a rubber bulb with a soft tip and antiseptic liquid. You can take a decoction of chamomile, St. John’s wort, oak bark, calendula, sea salt solution, furatsilina ready pharmacological agents (Rotokan, hlorofillipt, decamethoxin). After removing the edema via droplets from the spray jet is directed into the nose. A similar procedure is preferably carried out at least 4 times a day.
  2. Besides the usual means used vasoconstrictive drops for instillation with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredients, plant extracts, regenerating mucosa. These include, for example, pinosol, bioparoks, ingalipt, kameton spray Polydex.
  3. Warming field sinuses. The main thing here is not to carry out thermal treatments at the accumulation of pus in the cavity (this tells fever, severe pain), and use only dry heat. Possible tools – hot boiled egg, wrapped in a scarf, a bag of hot salt or sand, blue lamp.
  4. Well help honey cakes imposed in the projection of the sinuses. In addition to local honey warming action contributes to a better resorption and reduction of inflammatory changes. When severe pain do compresses and hydrocortisone Dimexidum.
  5. Antibiotic. Most often, without the use of these funds in the sinus can not do, but the need for their purpose, specific drugs, doses, timing regulated by a doctor. Possible as a method of tablet forms, and injections, intravenous or intramuscular.
  6. General treatment aimed at thinning nasal secretions – vitamin drink plenty of warm, reception decoctions expectorant herbs (licorice root, alteyka) or medicines – mucolytics. At normal body temperature effect is quite good distraction therapy, for example, hot foot bath.