Plasmolifting for hair

Plasmolifting for hair restoration: reviews and recommendations

  • The essence of plasma lift for hair
  • Process description
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Plasma Lifting and Cancer
  • Side effects
  • Service cost

Problems with your hair?

Plasmolifting is a way out of the situation

Abundant loss of hair is a nightmare for any person. Especially it scares the female part of society. You need to know that hair loss is absolutely normal, if the number of lost hairs per day does not exceed about 100 pieces. Of course, none of us will not after each combing to collect on the brush “precious” hairs and count them. If the problem is serious, you will immediately determine it. When hair every day leave your head more and more – start the fight as quickly as possible.

Plasmolifting for hair positive reviews

From hair loss can heal vitamins and special shampoos. If the situation does not change in the course of their use, then the doctor’s advice is indispensable. Trichologists recommend plazmolifting from loss and to strengthen hair. This unusually effective way to combat hair loss appeared recently. Plasmolifting for hair is a procedure that stimulates the growth of hairs and significantly improves their appearance.

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Never before has there been a more effective method to grow, lengthen your own hair in a very short time. Plasmolifting for hair is a breakthrough in trichology. Due to its relative novelty, such a procedure did not yet have time to become tested by a large part of the female audience. It is noticed that good reviews about plasmolifting on the Internet prevail over negative ones. Naturally, to trust them 100% is completely unreasonable. Both negative and positive reviews can be fake, so the best solution is to visit a hairdressing specialist.

Plasmolifting from hair loss and for hair growth reviews

The essence of plasma lift for hair
Plasmolifting for hair growth and restoration is the newest, effective technique. To perform this procedure, the patient takes venous blood, from which plasma is extracted. The resulting substance is placed in a syringe with a very thin needle. Further, injections are made along the entire scalp.

Platelet autoplasma contains microelements, amino acids, proteins, hormones, vitamins. After the introduction of this natural substance into the skin of the patient, the process of preventing the death of hair follicles and stimulation of their growth begins. The plasma introduced into the skin promotes active nutrition of hair follicles.

Plasmolifting does not cause strong pain. The needle penetrates under the skin to a depth of only 1 millimeter. Let’s just say: it does not hurt, but a little unpleasant. Feels like plasmolifting is like mesotherapy. If necessary, the doctor can give the patient anesthesia before starting the procedure.

One procedure takes about 40 minutes. To achieve the desired result, it will take 4-5 sessions of plasma-lifting.

Plasmolifting for hair

Process description
Before the procedure the doctor makes an inspection. If necessary, conduct a clinical and laboratory examination, which will help to identify possible contraindications. The procedure itself proceeds as follows:

The fence of venous blood (8-16 milliliters).