How to give up smoking?

This is the question every smoker is thinking about daily. Almost everyone tried to say goodbye to cigarette smoke units. What do you need to know to farewell with tobacco? What are the techniques and methods used? Heavy smokers are not immediately apparent. Dependence occurs gradually, in stages: The first stage – initial.

  • This occasional smoking is most likely for the company. The man said, that attachment to cigarettes does not threaten him. But every day he wants to smoke more. Man thinks that a cigarette seems more productive and worked better. It is a myth. In the initial stage in the organism under the action of adrenaline released nicotine, so the heart beats rapidly. But with adrenaline level increases and toxins in the body resin. At the initial stage are no signs of disturbances in the body. Typically, this stage lasts up to 5 years and the mean dose of cigarettes up to 15 pieces a day. Average stage lasts up to 20 years and the mean dose of cigarettes at the same time up to 2 packs a day. This stage is already evidence of nicotine dependence.
  • Symptoms of pathological changes. The real prospect of getting heart disease: ischemia and angina, as well as atherosclerosis and hypertension, arrhythmia and tachycardia, impotence, and heart attack. At this stage, there are problems with the lungs. There may be chronic bronchitis and lung cancer. But smokers, despite appreciable disruptions in the body, continue to smoke. And the cause is “breaking”, ie the withdrawal symptoms. The man is simply can not do without tobacco. The final step is the hardest. This is the smoking on full automatic, and then a sharp decline in the number of cigarettes per day due to the fact that the body simply can not withstand a dose of nicotine. Abstinence is manifested in anxiety and irritability, sleepiness and reduced attention, poor circulation in the legs. In the final stage of a problem with all systems of the body, especially the respiratory and cardiovascular. This phase lasts until death, and the dose will vary depending on the condition of the body. When a person is delayed, cigarette nicotine molecules reach the brain. It is a few seconds of time. Acting on brain receptors, nicotine stimulates the production of dopamine – a hormone that causes euphoria.
  • Besides dopamine, smoking contributes to the release of other substances, causing a short-term euphoria, joy. Because it is short-term, even addictive. Over time, this joy of man is not enough, and he smokes again. Scientific studies have shown that people who quit smoking a month later are depressed, under stress. Remove it can be the same smoking. That’s why so hard to quit. Get yourself into the hands of their own, do not fall into depression seriously. Many people are hoping to switch from cigarettes to their lightweight option, or electronic cigarettes. Others resort to more severe methods of getting rid of nicotine addiction, because they themselves can not cope with this.
  • The first and main reason for the rejection of cigarettes – the damage they cause to our health: Smoking destroys the lungs and brain, heart and blood vessels. Nicotine affects the reproductive system of men and women. It reduces the activity of the sperm of men and the level of the female sex hormone estrogen. This is often the cause of infertility couples, her inability to conceive a child. If pregnancy occurs and the woman continues to smoke at the same time, it is very great chance of having underdeveloped, mentally retarded child. You want to have a defective child? No? Then stop smoking. For the sake of a healthy future, you just have to do it. In addition, men are not only at risk of becoming fathers of unhealthy children, and lose their virility in general. Nicotine reduces the great sexual ability of the stronger sex. Appearance. It depends on the state of health. Smokers often face becomes sallow, eyes were red, and bags and swelling under them. The terrible condition of the teeth is not only unpleasant odor repels. Teeth yellow, blackened, they are destroyed, it is leached calcium. Nicotine visually old man.
  • Methods to quit smoking: Tips to quit smoking Effect of nicotine on the human body Cigarette Nicotine Quitting Smoking: folk remedies holes in the budget. Calculate exactly how much it costs you your addiction to cigarettes, that is, how much you spend on the purchase of deadly potions for health. The fact that the poison for their own health you buy for the money, is outrageous, and the amount of money could certainly would go for a more noble purpose. Think about what you would be better that money given to children with cancer or other people in need. Cigarettes – no way to get close. Among smokers, there is a perception that negotiate serious topics, secretive and gossip can be better for a smoke. But in fact, cigarettes are not converging.
  • If the person you really want to trust and want to chat with – cigarettes for this completely unnecessary. This can be done for the coffee and tea, and simply without anything. Cigarettes are not liberating. They stink. The negative impact on mental ability. If your work is connected with the computer, intellectual creative tasks, creative imagination, the addiction to cigarettes only blunt your brain and mental abilities. Over time, you will simply sum up the memory, you will hardly remember verbal instructions chief, and treatment, “the old man” will be true in 30 years. The reason – the negative impact of nicotine on the brain. So you can lose trust and credibility, and work. Are not you scared? By the way, today a solid company, gaining employees or pushing them up the career ladder, pay attention to the presence of this harmful habit. Why? Because smoke breaks – not the best stay on the job, it is a habit to be late and trouble communicating with business partners. Smoking characterizes a person as a weak-willed and unable to cope with them.