How to get rid of pigment spots?

Why, after exposure to the sun formed spots and how to get rid of them?

Who will get a black mark?

The skin, especially bright, very sensitive to sunlight. From its burn-protect melanocytes cells that produce the pigment melanin saving. The longer a person is on the sun, the melanocytes produce more melanin, the more sunburn.

But if the cells begin to produce melanin is uneven and more than necessary, some dark spots appear in place even tan.

To avoid trouble, we must learn how to sunbathe without consequences.

Because first of all crashes occur on sites that “illuminates” more often than others (face, neck, arms, shoulders), you need to regularly apply sunscreen cream on them from the first days of vacation. Remember that in the tropics and subtropics Europeans can buy only healthy tan in the shade under the awning. Try to sunbathe in the sun – and provided a sunburn, which even after many years can come back to haunt violation pigmentation.

Abuse of the sun while the main but not the only reason for the appearance of age spots. Here are a few risk factors.

  1.  Abuse of cosmetic peelings. It is for this reason that women age spots observed more frequently than men.Sunscreen creams are not completely protect from the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation. The only protective factor … wide umbrella. Best of all silk, with lace, like a noble family in the XIX century. They have no pigment spots were observed.
  2.  Some diseases (liver, kidney, etc.).
  3. Genetic characteristics: some people, any injury to the skin, whether frostbite, burn or fiddling pimple, leads to the appearance of pigmentation.
  4. Long-term use of certain drugs. If the summary says that the drug causes pigmentation of the skin, try talking to your doctor to find a replacement.
  5. Pregnancy. To deal with these spots (called chloasma) is impossible, the main thing – to protect them from the sun. After birth, hormones stabilized, and spots will be held for a maximum of a year.
  6. Long-term use of oral contraceptives. Stains appear on the face and remind chloasma.
    Vitamin deficiency.
  7. Taking certain bioactive food supplements and vitamins. Try to include a natural diet (vegetables, fruit), rather than synthetic vitamins and minerals.
  8.  Age. Over the years, the melanocytes lose the ability to interrupt the production of the pigment.
  9. Heredity. Stains appear on the site of the natural clusters of melanocytes, such as freckles, which can cover almost the entire body. Such genetic features inherent in people with very fair skin and red hair.


Brown spots can be positioned in the upper layers of skin – the epidermis or deep – dermis. It is important to determine the level of pigment deposition, and his character: it affects the choice of treatment program.

Get rid of the deep spots, while not causing harm to health, it is practically impossible. Dermatologists advised not to touch them.

There are two ways for the surface treatment of pigmentation.

First – Lightweight: whitening with the help of creams and serums with peeling effect or containing a substance-oxidants that destroy melanin. Additional whitening cosmetics added mercury, bismuth and salicylic acid to enhance the effect.

The second way – the destruction of pigment laser and phototherapy. The principle of laser action – aiming point heating, actually a little burn. The procedure is painless and brief, the probability of injury is minimal. However, the skin on the treated area is not always uniformly brightens, may appear scares.. Much depends on the qualifications of the doctor. Safer phototherapy: well dosed burn destroying pigment.