Head lice

Inspection of the child’s head lice – a disease of the scalp that develops as a result of the infection of human head lice. In people, this disease is simply called lice and is credited with its asocial strata of the population, but this is not entirely correct, since lice can live on the head of any person.

By the way lice are not only headaches, as well as wardrobes (inhabiting the body of man, and lay eggs in the folds of bedding and clothing) and the pubic (usually settle on hairy areas of the genital area).

In this article we will focus on how to get rid of lice and nits, parasitic head, as they are the most common.

How do you get head lice?

  • The causative agent of pediculosis (head lice) can not fly and jump, but creeps well, so infection is non-durable contact head lousy man with the head of a healthy person or the use of clothing (hats, caps), hygiene items (combs, elastics, hair clips), bedding used by the patient.
  • Most often lice occurs in younger students. Children at this age are closely in contact with their peers, their own personal hygiene, but are not always properly, and do not quite understand the need for the individual items of clothing, toiletries, etc.
  • It should also be noted that adults can very easily catch head lice from their children, so if your child has lice, it is necessary to examine all family members to follow-up treatment of pediculosis special means of lice and disease prevention to be effective.

What is head lice?

Louse – this is a very small parasite that feeds on human blood. Propagated insect eggs (nits), which puts on the hair. Within 15-17 days, the nits are mature individuals capable of reproduction. The longevity of lice depends on gender: females live for about a month, and the males – a little less.

As mentioned above, there are lice by the blood of its host, for that they have adapted mouthparts through which insects can easily bite through human skin. In place of these punctures appears irritation accompanied by itching. If succumb to this unpleasant sensation and constantly combing his head, lesions on the skin become infected and inflamed.

Symptoms of lice

The main symptom of head lice – this, of course, the presence of hair lice and nits. They manifest themselves by the way immediately, but only after 3-4 weeks after infection.
The main complaint of patients with head lice – itching of the scalp is to be distinguished from itching due to dandruff. On examination, these patients can be seen scratching, inflammation and even pustules on the skin under the hair.

In some people, especially lice cause a violent reaction of the organism, which manifests severe inflammation at the site of bites of insects and even common allergic reactions.
If, due to constant scratching their heads in the skin gets an infection, the patient may increase BTE, cervical lymph nodes and increase the body temperature.
Thus, lice – is not only aesthetic inconvenience, but also a lot of other unpleasant problems including deterioration in the health.

Lice Treatment

Requested once home methods to get rid of head lice has long been relegated to the background, as the modern pharmaceutical industry began to produce a variety of remedies for lice: special shampoos, sprays, gels, etc. Their composition is usually composed of the following substances: permethrin, malathion, benzyl, gray-mercury mixture and other active ingredients. There is also a protivovshivye agent on a natural basis, such as tincture of larkspur field or alcoholic solution hellebore common.

Effective remedies for lice and nits:

  • Pedilin (shampoo, based on permethrin), Slovenia
  • Anti-Bit (lice shampoo with sumitrinom), Turkey
  • Pedeks gel (based on permethrin), Latvia
  • Pair Plus (aerosol with the active substances malathion, permethrin, piperonyl butoxide), France
  • Permetrinovaya ointment bactericide, Latvia
  • Higiya (protivopedikulezny shampoo with permethrin + comb), Bulgaria
  • Permethrin-Pharma (topical solution), Belarus
  • Nittifor (with permethrin solution), Hungary

It is very important in the application of funds protivopedikuleznyh adhere to instructions, as all these drugs in their toxic. In addition, improper use of these shampoos and sprays may affect the therapeutic effect.

In small children, allergies and pregnant women protivopedikuleznye agents is generally not recommended to use. To get rid of lice and nits in these patients are only time-tested mechanical methods of removing these parasites – is the hair trimming comb set out above or bold.