Generic Zithromax

Generic Zithromax

Description of the drug: Zithromax

  • Zithromax Online (Azithromycin 250/500mg) – is a modern broad-spectrum antibiotic, the first representative of a new class of macrolide antibiotics – azalides.
  • This treatment is a harmonious blend of quality, proven by experience, several levels of protection and exceptional ease of administration of the drug by adults and children. This medicine has a lot of positive feedback from today’s professionals and can rightly be regarded as an effective antibiotic.
  • The drug shows antimicrobial activity against the vast majority of infectious diseases of the respiratory tract and upper respiratory tract, as a typical. This allows the use these pills in the treatment of respiratory infections (such as tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, etc.) and diseases of upper respiratory tract (such as otitis media, etc.).

Benefits of the drug:

Zithromax is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract after the ingestion and also quickly penetrates from the plasma to the tissues, and selectively accumulate in infected tissue. Once the drug is in the tissue by macrophages, phagocytes and polymorphonuclear leukocytes transported to the site of inflammation, which is released in the presence of bacteria. This unique mechanism of active substance transport allows you to create high concentrations in the source of infection and in healthy tissue and plasma concentrations are much lower.

Azithromycin also has immunomodulatory properties by increasing the functional activity of phagocytes and alveolar macrophages that protect the body from typical and atypical pathogens.

The drug has a high safety profile, low allergenic potential does not affect the normal intestinal microflora and has a low potential for drug interactions, that is, not with him, you can take other drugs. Just as after the application of Zithromax and after treatment it is not necessary in the use the funds from intestinal dysbiosis.

Course of the treatment:

Unique features of the drug allow the drug in the treatment lasting 3-5 days. Because it continues to “work” 5-7 days after the last dose, as during this time it is stored in the inflammation at therapeutic concentrations. This is extremely convenient for all age groups (for the elderly, who may forget to take the medicine for workers who never have enough time and especially for kids who do not like to take medicine.)

The suspension 100 mg / 5 mL is useful for infants from six months, and the dose of 200 mg / 5 mL administered to children from one year to 12 years. In three years, instead of the suspension of the child can receive special Zithromax tablets 500 mg. The presence of “child” forms convenient for children who have to take the minimum amount of preparation, and for parents who are simple and easy to measure out the right amount of medicine without fear of overdose.

Also, there are special forms of the drug made specially for adults: a capsule of 250 mg and 500 mg tablets. Also can be used for children over 12 years, if their weight is over 45 kg. More information can be found in the instructions to the drug.

As a rule, for the convenience of taking the drug, we remember in unusual situations: emergency medicine need to take on the road or at work, to persuade a child to drink the medicine, choose a practical package for travel and a variety of other circumstances. That’s why modern and attentive to the needs of consumers of pharmaceutical care not only about improving the composition and properties of their medicines, but also about their comfortable reception in any environment.

The manufacturer is not known antibiotic Zithromax remained aloof from the innovative changes in the appearance of the product. Here is the number of changes and additional benefits, which were introduced by the company for the convenience of consumers.

To prepare the medical suspension for children is quite simple: each package is equipped with a special measuring syringe for breeding and determine the exact dosage of the drug, depending on the age and weight of the child, as well as measuring spoon with which to take the medicine handy.