What are dangerous tonic drinks, and why do we need condoms with a taste of coffee?

Energy: Devil’s Drinks

Lack of sleep has taken on the character of an epidemic in modern society. In an attempt to defeat it, humanity drinks kilotons of coffee and energy. A glass of a tonic drink we need from the morning, like a gasoline car. However, we do not think about the consequences of such habits.
Simultaneously with the emergence of a vast world market of sleeping pills that turn us into the morning into zombies, there was a need for a force that could resist them. So there was no less impressive market of stimulant substances, among which are dominated by drinks with extremely high caffeine content. The circle is closed.

Excerpts from the book “The Revolution of Sleep”

Since we are not sleeping enough to feel natural vivacity and a desire for activity in the morning, we constantly drink energy. Once the action of Red Bull, 5-hour Energy or soda weakens, the next bank is in use. We desperately force ourselves to feel a surge of strength, which we deprived ourselves by cutting our sleep. As a result, all day we are sluggish and sleepy, and at night, already in bed, too overexcited and excited to sleep.

Of course, tea and coffee have been known to mankind for many centuries. We appreciate these drinks mainly for a tonic effect, but in many cultures the ritual of their use is aimed at slowing down, enjoying the moment, having a break (hence the emergence of a modern coffee break). An excellent example is the famous Japanese tea ceremony, which consists of various activities, symbolizing the stoppage of work, a break, time for communication and reading. Such rituals of tea drinking and coffee drinking allow people, as Oprah put it, to “wash the soul” and return to work with new forces, truly renewed, and not just agitated caffeine. It is completely different from the modern culture of drinking coffee: now we are pouring it into ourselves on the run, refueling the body like a car with gasoline, to accelerate and accelerate even more, instead of recovering and rebooting.

In our time, the culture of lack of sleep literally rests on caffeine. However, having drunk coffee in the afternoon in an attempt to cope with an afternoon nap, at night we can not fall asleep. As a result, in the morning we wake up broken and pour the next dose of caffeine into ourselves to bring ourselves to life, and so we end up in an endless cycle of lack of sleep.

In his book “The History of the World in Six Glasses,” Tom Standage explained that in the 18th century, “Factory workers had to function as parts of a well-oiled machine, and tea served as a lubricant for trouble-free work.” In addition, in the book “The Mysterious Elixir” (Uncommon Grounds), Mark Pendergrast cites the dynamics of growth in coffee consumption, starting from the industrial revolution. Roughly speaking, we use the same methods that factory owners used 200 years ago to maximize the efficiency of workers’ labor. If it seems to us that treating such people with other people is inhuman or cruel, then why do we consider it normal or even worthy of respect when we do the same with ourselves? I write this as a person who loves coffee and drinks it every morning (while trying to avoid coffee after 14:00 – it is at this time somnologists recommend stopping the use of caffeine).

In the 1940s. In the USA there was a sharp reduction in coffee consumption. At this time, the Americans switched to carbonated drinks with a high content of caffeine and sugar. The annual sales of carbonated beverages in the US are $ 77 billion, which is six times higher than the annual sales of coffee (its America drinks $ 13 billion per year). At the same time, 8 out of 10 most popular drinks in the US contain caffeine. As Murray Carpenter explained in his book Caffeinated, at the end of the 20th century, The Bureau of Chemistry of the US Department of Agriculture recognized the caffeine contained in Coca-Cola as dangerous and addictive. “Why do we put our compatriots under the influence of this terrible drug? – asked the chairman of the bureau Harvey Washington Wylie. – Fatigue is a natural signal warning of possible danger. Does it make sense to take traffic lights off the rails on the railway? Of course, no, because these are warning signs. What is fatigue? This is the way in which nature says that you have done enough for today. ”

Nowadays, caffeine has moved from drinks to perfumes, soap and toothbrushes (for those who are too lazy to make coffee in the morning), tights, beer, sweets, oatmeal, seeds, breath fresheners, popcorn, syrups, hygienic lipsticks and even water! There were rumors that one Swedish condom manufacturing company was planning to launch the production of condoms with a coffee flavor (think ingeniously yourself).