Male deceases

PCR – polymerase chain reaction

PCR – polymerase chain reaction is known since 1983, when it opened a future Nobel Prize Myullis. This method provides the work with a negligible amount of starting material (DNA), increasing its size in thousands and millions of times. At the same time playing an exact copy of the original DNA, which makes this method is the most accurate and reliable in the diagnosis of various diseases. (more…)

How to give up smoking?

This is the question every smoker is thinking about daily. Almost everyone tried to say goodbye to cigarette smoke units. What do you need to know to farewell with tobacco? What are the techniques and methods used? Heavy smokers are not immediately apparent. Dependence occurs gradually, in stages: The first stage – initial. (more…)


Symptoms of gonorrhea in women are as follows: The first signs of this – frequent painful urination; vaginal discharge with uncharacteristic look or smell; fever, fatigue; vaginal bleeding that can occur during or intimate contact between menstrual periods; pronounced itching in the external genital organs; pain in the Bartholin gland or in the abdomen; inconvenience, pain, itching during intercourse. (more…)