The problem of hypotension

Age changes and blood pressure

When diagnosing the problem of hypotension, the most important indicator is the age of the patient. For the elderly, increased lower pressure often becomes the norm, the symptoms of hypotension indicate a natural decrease in the tone of muscles and blood vessels for a deep old age. If the symptoms of hypotension are clearly manifested at a young age, then it is worthwhile to undergo a full course of diagnostic measures.
Increased lower pressure in young people and even children is no longer a rarity. Deteriorating ecology and life in a big city provoke a general decline in physical abilities and living standards. The risk factors are:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • emotional stress;
  • stress;
  • constant oxygen starvation;
  • malnutrition.

Symptoms of hypotension at a young age can be manifested in a weak or strong form. Low blood pressure should be monitored, follow the instructions of the attending physician, so that the situation does not begin to worsen.