Back pain

In past years, the patient complained of back pain, prescribed strict bed rest for several days. Now these outdated methods have been abandoned. Modern experts are unanimous: lie still in bed you do not need more than two or three days, otherwise your nerves and muscles begin to atrophy, the heart and the lungs lose their stamina, and the bones become porous and brittle. But these plagues all the possible consequences do not end there. Ranged lying in bed demoralizing even merry, as if nature has not endowed you with excess optimism, you can imagine that all bedridden, and this despair. The sooner you get back to an active life, the sooner the better.

    Therefore, instead of lying in bed, get’d better exercise!

  • Like most people, back pain you have because of the weakness of the lumbar muscles. The purpose exercise – not to reduce the pain by itself: it increases the strength, flexibility and functionality of the muscles and thereby destroy the causes of pain. In addition, medical facilities insure you from slipping into a vicious circle of atrophy and idleness. If you are in for a long time do not expose muscle load, it atrophies, and even the simplest movements cause pain. You refuse to move, and atrophy progresses, leading to an increase in pain.
  •     In what appears diverse benefits of exercise? First, they reduce the physical pressures placed on different parts of your back, raise the general tone of the body, reduce mental stress, eliminate the worry about the constant pain, correct your posture – in other words, make you more mobile. The achieved result encourages you to continue classes, which brings even greater benefits to your body and raises your spirits. Ultimately, all this reduces pain and increases the load your pain threshold. If you, as they say, “entered” in the lower back, do not hesitate to charge “after recovery”: without it you will not get better than ever.
  •     There is a strong relationship between low back pain and general physical condition of the body. Watching Statistics injuries among firefighters, scientists have noted that most injuries were subjected to back those with the general tone has been lowered, but those who were in good physical condition, such damage received much less. Therefore, the exercise not only help heal injuries, but also to prevent them.

    Notes for the waist

  • Recently published studies show that for the bulk of the movements that are folded back or arch its arc, are responsible small lumbar muscles. Also at the lumbar muscle and the main burden falls – they can withstand the weight of the body resting on the spine. The higher your weight, the more the work of these small muscles. And the more they are stronger, the greater the load can tolerate without harm to himself and his master – both in single isolated activities (weight lifting), and in the long-term iterative process (eg, running).
  •     Observations of physicians involved in occupational diseases, proving that people with weakened muscles of the back, forced to perform repetitive movements of the trunk (bending, twisting or turning), are more likely to get a back injury. It should be remembered that in the risk group includes not only those who are engaged in physical labor. If, during work, you often lean or sit for long hours at a computer, you run the risk of also get back pain. The bent posture commonly increases the pressure on the spine and the pressures placed on the back muscles.

Strong muscles can resist not only the acute traumatic impact, but also a progressive disorder caused by long-term factors. Therefore, if you are engaged in sedentary sedentary work, you is vital to have strong back muscles.

  • But muscle is important not only strength. Endurance plays an important role in the prevention of injury. If the muscles are toned, they tired not so fast: increased endurance allows them to carry a greater number of cycles of contraction and relaxation. In other words, if your muscles are hardy, you can run farther, faster climb and descend the stairs longer play with the children, and simply more fun to work mop, without experiencing discomfort in his back.
  • People who have little muscles endurance, can not long retain any one position. Standing there, sitting or in tilted they quickly get tired and have to change the position of the body. A muscle fatigue, as has been said, is a risk factor in the event of pain. When combined with the weakness of the muscles, it significantly increases your chances to earn back pain.