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A unique type of surgery

California Corporation began the operation to change the color of the eyes to blue with a laser
California medical corporation Strōma has offered its clients a laser procedure to eliminate the pigment in the eyes, changing their color to blue. This is reported by CNET.

A unique type of surgery for patients was offered by the Strōma medical corporation, based in the Californian city of Laguna Beach. The surgical procedure developed by her does not allow getting any desired eye color – only blue. (more…)


What are dangerous tonic drinks, and why do we need condoms with a taste of coffee?

Energy: Devil’s Drinks

Lack of sleep has taken on the character of an epidemic in modern society. In an attempt to defeat it, humanity drinks kilotons of coffee and energy. A glass of a tonic drink we need from the morning, like a gasoline car. However, we do not think about the consequences of such habits.
Simultaneously with the emergence of a vast world market of sleeping pills that turn us into the morning into zombies, there was a need for a force that could resist them. So there was no less impressive market of stimulant substances, among which are dominated by drinks with extremely high caffeine content. The circle is closed. (more…)

Worms treatment with folk remedies

Treatment with folk remedies

Since ancient times, when infected with worms are very effective people’s means.

Hot pepper

Very well helps to cope with worms, if you eat it in fresh or ground form. This option is only suitable for adults. Children need to give in large quantities of carrots and carrot juice. (more…)

Head lice

Inspection of the child’s head lice – a disease of the scalp that develops as a result of the infection of human head lice. In people, this disease is simply called lice and is credited with its asocial strata of the population, but this is not entirely correct, since lice can live on the head of any person.

By the way lice are not only headaches, as well as wardrobes (inhabiting the body of man, and lay eggs in the folds of bedding and clothing) and the pubic (usually settle on hairy areas of the genital area). (more…)

What our body show us?


Blaming nature or angry when you are sick, it is meaningless. Instead, open a message, send you your body.

Ask your superconscious, and it is sure to give you an answer. As long as you do not open the information sent by your super-consciousness, you will continue to suffer from the disease. If you clearly hear and understand I am sending you a message, it should take a co-sponding action to restore their health. (more…)

Women health experience about life after 30

With age, women were recruited not only wisdom and life experience, but also problems in the health and gradually occurring age-related changes. Often, changes in the body caused by disruption of normal hormone levels that occur during problem pregnancies, postpartum and after breastfeeding. (more…)

How to get rid of pigment spots?

Why, after exposure to the sun formed spots and how to get rid of them?

Who will get a black mark?

The skin, especially bright, very sensitive to sunlight. From its burn-protect melanocytes cells that produce the pigment melanin saving. The longer a person is on the sun, the melanocytes produce more melanin, the more sunburn. (more…)

Symptoms of Pancreas

Among the serious health problems in modern humans, the symptoms of pancreatic diseases occupy the first position on its prevalence in all age groups.

The anatomy of the body:

  • Usually their appearance is associated with malnutrition and deteriorating environmental conditions. (more…)