Arthritis – Inflammatory disease of one or more joints. With timely proper treatment of arthritis can be cured. Improper treatment leads to irreversible changes and the development of disability. Arthritis affects people all over the world, regardless of gender and racial origin.

  • According to statistics in the CIS countries, on average, every hundredth suffers from arthritis. Age most prone to this disease – 40-55 years. However, it occurs in people of other ages. Most often, women live with arthritis. This disease affects males in 35-40% of cases.

The causes of the disease are the following pathological conditions:

  • Various infection (bacteria and viruses). The most common cause rheumatism staphylococcus, streptococcus, tubercle bacillus, influenza virus, and others. Quite often arthritis develops after quinsy
    Injuries of the joints in the past. Fractures, bruises, sprains in the past and deferred surgery on this occasion increase the risk of arthritis in several times.

Heredity. This concept includes not only a predisposition to arthritis transmitted from parental and heritable genetic and developmental disorders of joints

By provoking factors include:

  1. Frequent hypothermia
  2. Overweight (obesity)
  3. Immunosuppression
  4. Smoking is a long-standing

Under the influence of the causes and contributing factors to the joints, they arise inflammatory reactions with a bright clinical picture. There is a swelling of the component parts of the joint, vascular congestion. After a few of these exacerbations occur overgrowth of granulation on the joint surfaces, which are slowly but surely destroying the cartilage and bone in the joint. This leads to deformation of joints, dislocations and subluxations. The consequence is a disruption of the functioning of the affected joint, until it is complete immobility.