About Us

Pharmaceutical Company Kamarag appeared on a market in 1998. This company is devoted to investigate and examine all of medicine drugs which are exist in the world. Our goal is to investigate the drugs which already passed all clinical tests and trials. Kamarag company does not produce and does not sell medical products. This web-site is an informative blog, which will help people to get usefull information about patented drugs.

The most important company is FDA. It formed in 1906 and since then oficially controls medical and food market in the world.

Foods and Drugs Administration company exists long time as a federal agency of USA. This company controls and protecting humans by regulation the medical and food markets. This is a company which has a goverment responsibility for the drugs and food people buy. Also this company controls animal and veterinary products and food. The most important for each product which human purchase is to have an approval from FDA federal agency. After each drug or food product is approved by this goverment company, it can go into sales market. All the products approved by FDA had passed all clinical tests and trials, they have no harm for the human organism and ready to help and maintain human body in a good condition. All the products which were not covered by FDA company view are not legal and harm human or animal organism. Nowadays there are many drugs and foods which have no any clinical tests and patents. Those drugs and foods are dangerous for humans. Medicine market is one of the most important in the world. Health is a huge sphere for global revenues. The best a person can do for himself- is to trust only high quality product.

The most famous and useful web-site for human medical drugs is drugs.com

On this web-site you can get the whole information about medicine drugs which have patents and which are approved by FDA. This is the best existing site to check all drugs products. You can read the prescriptions and find a product basing on your symptoms. This web-site has about 24 thousands drugs prescriptions. You can check the drug you get on this site. This site has a big content about medical trials and medical news. Any new drug which appering legally on the market will have the detailed information on drugs.com.

Always read carefully information about the drugs you are going to use and help your heathy with the high quality products!