A unique type of surgery

California Corporation began the operation to change the color of the eyes to blue with a laser
California medical corporation Strōma has offered its clients a laser procedure to eliminate the pigment in the eyes, changing their color to blue. This is reported by CNET.

A unique type of surgery for patients was offered by the Strōma medical corporation, based in the Californian city of Laguna Beach. The surgical procedure developed by her does not allow getting any desired eye color – only blue.

  • In people with brown and black eyes, the base of the retina contains a large amount of melanin, whereas in green eyes it is small, and in blue eyes it is completely absent. The blue color of the iris is obtained due to the scattering effect of Tyndall – the properties of the propagation of light in an inhomogeneous medium, thanks to which the sky seems to be azure, for example.
  • During the operation developed by Strōma, the laser acts on the pigment at the base of the retina. For each eye, the procedure lasts about 30 seconds. During it, the patient’s head is rigidly fixed and show him a small animation on the screen located in 30 centimeters.

In this case, the color of the retina does not change instantly. The laser only causes natural processes in the body, thanks to which the eyes will gradually lighten up within a few weeks.

  • The procedure is not yet available to ordinary US patients and is awaiting approval at the state level, but is already being conducted outside the country. The cost of the operation is 5 thousand dollars. In the near future, Strōma plans to improve it, conduct large-scale medical tests for a hundred people and make the operation part of the portfolio of any clinic of plastic or eye surgery of the world.
  • The Strōma program has already been criticized by the medical community. Some doctors believe that such an operation can cause pigment glaucoma, during which the pigment particles enter the outer layers of the eye, increasing its internal pressure. However, Strōma representatives reject such an opportunity.
  • As CNET notes, beautiful eyes may have a different price: people with blue retina color are more sloped to macular degeneration – a group of diseases with visual impairment.

For the first time Stroma announced the development of its technology in 2011, but it entered the market only four years later.