Back pain: Age factor

Research muscle strength at different ages show that even patients in their twenties recorded signs of moderate or pronounced weakening of muscles in the lumbar extension. If you do not pay attention to this in his youth, with age, the state of muscle will only worsen.

From twenty to forty years musculature remains virtually unchanged, but after forty begins a slow but steady weakening it; among patients older than sixty years, more than 75% have signs of moderate or severe reduction of muscle activity. (more…)

Back pain

In past years, the patient complained of back pain, prescribed strict bed rest for several days. Now these outdated methods have been abandoned. Modern experts are unanimous: lie still in bed you do not need more than two or three days, otherwise your nerves and muscles begin to atrophy, the heart and the lungs lose their stamina, and the bones become porous and brittle. But these plagues all the possible consequences do not end there. Ranged lying in bed demoralizing even merry, as if nature has not endowed you with excess optimism, you can imagine that all bedridden, and this despair. The sooner you get back to an active life, the sooner the better. (more…)