Smoking health problems

Surely many women have a different voice because of smoking. It becomes lower, crude and sometimes hoarse. The voice of a woman smoking is likened to the male, so the impact on cigarette voice more significantly in women than in men. While men feel and say that smoking is “planted” their voice. And this is just one of the reasons due to which people get rid of this addiction. A successfully get rid of, think about how to return the voice of his natural tone, height and power of the sound. So how do you do it? Which medical drugs or folk remedies? (more…)

How to give up smoking?

This is the question every smoker is thinking about daily. Almost everyone tried to say goodbye to cigarette smoke units. What do you need to know to farewell with tobacco? What are the techniques and methods used? Heavy smokers are not immediately apparent. Dependence occurs gradually, in stages: The first stage – initial. (more…)